Following Jake Browning’s impressive performance to execute revenge on Vikings, Bengals QB reveals being summoned by NFL for drug test

In the face of limited opportunities, aspiring players often confront the harsh reality of unfulfilled dreams, a scenario Jake Browning experienced during his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings. Nevertheless, fate took a turn for the better when the Cincinnati Bengals extended a lifeline, preventing Browning’s career from spiraling into another nightmare.

To pay tribute to the Bengals’ faith in him, Browning assumed the responsibility of keeping their playoff aspirations alive, securing a resounding victory over his former team. Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, the Bengals’ starter unexpectedly found himself under the league’s scrutiny.

Jake Browning gets his revenge on Vikings

Jake Browning’s journey from a practice squad hopeful to a key figure in the Bengals’ playoff push is proof of seizing opportunities after witnessing a series of hardships. The twists and turns began in 2019 when Browning, a college free agent signee, joined the Minnesota Vikings. Two seasons on their practice squad laid the groundwork, but in 2021, the Vikings released Browning, opening the door for a new chapter.

Cincinnati, recognizing potential where the Vikings saw none, welcomed Browning to their practice squad. Little did they know that Browning would emerge as a pivotal figure in their quest for postseason glory. 

The Bengals’ recent three-game winning streak, culminating in a dramatic victory over Browning’s former team, the Minnesota Vikings, has been a defining chapter in this unexpected twist. Browning’s leadership assisted the team to a thrilling 27-24 triumph.

It was obviously a personal achievement for the starter as well as accomplishing the shared goal that he thrashed out in the post-game press conference. Recounting his previous release from the Vikings, he expressed the emotional toll of being cut after two years of commitment.

“I remember getting cut there (Minnesota) the last time, and just being told, ‘Hey, we might have a spot for you on the practice squad. They didn’t tell me. I had been there for two years. I’ve been cut my fair share of times, and that was probably the (crappiest) one.”

The victory against the Vikings held a sweet taste of redemption for Browning, and he couldn’t resist expressing his feelings. After the game-winning field goal, Browning candidly shouted at a camera, asserting the Vikings’ mistake in neglecting his potential for two years.

“I think, right after we made the field goal to win the game, I screamed at a camera and said, ‘They never should have cut me!'”

Jake Browning took the chance to showcase his prowess as fate took an intriguing turn when Joe Burrow’s season-ending wrist injury thrust Browning into the starting quarterback role.

Meanwhile, his standout performance against the Vikings, amassing 324 yards and two touchdowns on 29-of-42 passing, marked a significant moment in his emerging role as a starter.

 Jake Browning claims the NFL called him for a steroid test

Following the exciting overtime Week 15 victory, the Bengals quarterback, who got special treatment from Burrow, found himself facing an unexpected off-field challenge. Jake Browning took to his Instagram story to reveal a message from an NFL representative.

The message received approximately 15 minutes after the game’s conclusion informed Browning that he was selected for a urine steroid test scheduled for the following Monday. The text, purportedly from “Joe, DCO on behalf of the NFL,” detailed the testing window from 9:30 to 12:30.

“This is Joe, DCO on behalf of the NFL. You’re on my list for a urine steroid test tomorrow. I will be in the testing area from 9:30-12:30. Please confirm you are receiving this,” the message read.

While random drug tests are standard protocol for all NFL players throughout the season, the timing of this particular test somehow came out as suspicious. 

Nevertheless, in his four games as a starter, the 27-year-old has guided the Bengals to a 3-1 record, showcasing impressive accuracy with a 75.9% completion rate, as per His impact on the field, coupled with the team’s climb from the 10th seed to the No. 6 spot in the AFC standings after the win,.

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