Former Cowboys star defends Steelers Kenny Pickett, highlighting the biggest “problem with the NFL”

In the wake of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent loss to the Houston Texans, former Dallas Cowboys star Marcus Spears has stepped forward to voice his concerns about a growing issue in the NFL.

While pundits and fans alike have been quick to criticize young quarterbacks for their perceived shortcomings, Spears argues that the league’s relentless pressure for immediate success is hindering the development of these promising talents. At the center of this debate is none other than Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett, who is emblematic of a larger problem that Spears sees as plaguing the NFL.

Marcus Spears talks about Kenny Pickett’s performance for Steelers

In a post-game conversation about the shock defeat for the Steelers at the hands of the Houston Texans, Marcus Spears pointed out the problem with most NFL teams and the root cause behind the growing number of underperforming youngsters in the NFL.

Speaking about Pickett, he said, “This is the problem with the NFL, ‘I want my young quarterback to be a star before he is ready to be one.’ It is written all over the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

“This league is hard, and when these defenses get a sample size of who you are, they are gonna throw the kitchen sink at you to take away all the things that you do well. We sit on these damn shows, and we know you need a QB, and we know that he needs to play at a very high level for you to win a Super Bowl, but Kenny Pickett is not there yet.”

Kenny Pickett’s performance for the Steelers this season

It is hard to perform at the highest level every week, and Kenny Pickett is no stranger to this fact. In the four games played this season, the young quarterback has blown hot and cold in phases.

For starters, he has only thrown four passing TDs in the first four games, which, in comparison to someone like Tua Tagovailoa, seems like a paltry number. The same is the case with his passing yards, which have barely crossed the 800 mark.

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Netizens were quick to jump upon the underperforming QB on social media, with one commenting, “It’s like he’s afraid, and you can’t teach a QB how to not be terrified in the pocket.”

With injury concerns already looming over the 25-year-old, it is imperative that he performs well against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. With the home support behind him, rallying him on, a resurgence seems more probable than ever before.


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