Former Lakers teammate reveals Kobe Bryant’s mysterious approach: “The man never spoke to me”

Kobe Bryant, who achieved legendary status in the NBA with the legacy he left behind after hanging up his boots, was one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He carried a not-so-good Lakers team to an NBA championship and always advocated for his “mamba” mentality and worked harder than anyone in the league to get what he desired.

However, Kobe was not regarded as the greatest teammate on the team. Over the years, many players have come forward to describe their experiences with Kobe’s Lakers team and have labeled Kobe as a very bad teammate. Recently, a former Lakers player revealed his experience with Kobe and how they never talked to each other despite being together for two seasons.

Smush Parker’s candid take on playing with Kobe Bryant

Smush Parker, a former Lakers player in the NBA, recently revealed his experiences with the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, and how it is not one of his greatest memories. He recalled playing for the Lakers for two seasons, where he had a place in the locker room just beside Kobe himself. Smush said that despite playing for two seasons together, Bryant never talked to him. When he tried to initiate a conversation from his side, he was shut down with disrespect.

Parker said, “This man never spoke to me, I was not the twelfth man on a bench, I was not a callout from the G-League who was tryna fill a roster spot. I started with this man, I was his co-worker. We shared a cubicle side-by-side. How do you even do that for two seasons and never hold a conversation?”

When Parker tried to hold a conversation with Kobe one time and asked him “Did you watch the football game last night?” He was shut down by Bryant disrespectfully who said that Parker needed more individual accolades before he talked to him.

What is the Lakers record with Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant may have been not the greatest teammate but he was a great player for his team, the Los Angeles Lakers. He envisioned a dream with the Lakers and did everything in his power to achieve that dream. He was the lifeline that kept the Lakers alive in their worst time and won 5 NBA championships with them.

The Lakers have a record of 836-510 with Kobe Bryant on the team. As an individual player in his prime, Kobe was as perfect as an NBA player could get, and was the closest thing to Michael Jordan in the new era.

Kobe Bryant
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With 18 NBA All-Star appearances and becoming the Lakers’ all-time leading scorer in 2016 (a record later broken by LeBron James), his impact on the team went beyond his accolades. He contributed significantly to establishing the Lakers as a basketball powerhouse in the NBA. Many consider him an icon, and his influence continues to inspire players to choose basketball as their career.

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