Former NFL CB Vontae Davis, who once retired halfway through a game, died at 35

Every year, the NFL springs up quite a few surprises for avid fans and followers of the game. On most occasions, the surprises are hilarious and outright bizarre, generating more intrigue about the players and the league itself. However, on some occasions, things take a drastic turn for the worse, and the news from the league is heartbreaking.

Last night was one such incident where former NFL athlete and cornerback Vontae Davis, was found dead in his home. The 35-year-old was a mainstay for the Miami Dolphins for a number of years and was a crowd favorite as well.

Vontae Davis passed away at 35

Monday brought sad news of the death of a former NFL cornerback, Vontae Davis, as confirmed by one of his previous teams’ owners. Davis was in college at the University of Illinois when he started off with football and subsequently went on to play for the NFL for close to a decade, representing the Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, and Buffalo Bills.

The Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay announced his death, remembering him as a remarkable player and great man. Chester Frazier, an assistant basketball coach for the University of Illinois, also expressed his deepest condolences.

As of Monday afternoon, the exact cause of Davis’s death remains uncertain. He was found dead at a home in Southwest Ranches, southwest of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to abc3340, the house where he was found dead belongs to his grandmother.

When Vontae Davis decided to retire from NFL at halftime

Vontae Davis, right at the end of his playing days, actually executed one of the most bizarre retirements the league has ever seen. As narrated by Vernon Davis, “So I called him, he was like, I’m retiring. You know, I thought he was joking. You know, because Vontae, play games like that every now and then. But I thought it was a joke.”

Davis also issued a statement about retiring from the league in 2018, in which he actually explained the reason behind hanging up his boots. He said that the reasoning behind taking this bold step was not to push his body beyond what it could take. Davis went on further to cite a lot of physical and mental struggles that had plagued him in the past as well. In the end, he specified that he was at peace with his decision and had chosen to live with it right from the moment he stepped off the field.

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