Former NFL QB Robert Griffin III emphasizes on Deion Sanders effect after Colorado fans storm the field

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders boldly claimed that his team, the Buffaloes, was heading to ensure a big turn into the narrative on the predictions for his first year in the campaign. He indeed earned the mark, as the Colorado football team is following an upward trajectory day by day.

The Buffaloes have already secured victories against TCU, Nebraska, and most recently the Colorado State Rams. Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III was among the other players who could not help but deliver high praise for the coach following their recent success.

Robert Griffin III reacts to Deion Sanders-led Colorado win

During the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. USF Bulls game on Saturday, Griffin III was in the broadcast booth, where they were having a short conversation about the phenomenal start of Colorado under Sanders’ guidance. The former Heisman-winning quarterback raved about the coach, saying he is on his way to inking his name as a Hall of Fame coach if the current track record of success is continued.

“Nowadays, the generation even forgets that he (Deion Sanders) is a Hall of Fame cornerback. Arguably the greatest of all time. I think he is the greatest… But he’s on his way to becoming a Hall of Fame coach if he can continue on this trajectory.”

The former Baylor standout also took to social media to highlight how the excited fans rushed the field for a second straight week under the coaching of the former football veteran.

“Colorado Fans storming the field after beating a team they were favored to beat, is the clearest example of the hope Coach Prime has brought to a fan base that hasn’t won or had this type of spotlight in a long time.”

If Sanders can continue the winning streak, he can definitely leave his mark in the campaign, and earn the prestigious HOF title. Meanwhile, his team is yet to face some major challenges on their schedule when they face off against the mighty Oregon and USC in the upcoming days.

Deion Sanders’s take on Colorado’s victory

Following the match, Deion Sanders was asked about his squad’s performance. He didn’t mince his words while proving his the Buffaloes’ starting, and marked it as “hot garbage”. However, Coach Prime is indeed proud of his weapons as by this win Colorado became the fourth team in the history of FBS to start a season 3-0 after losing 11+ games in the prior season.

His son Shedeur Sanders moonlighted as a hero in the Buffalors’ victory by throwing an incredible 46-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Horn Jr. which eventually tied the game and led it to overtime. Both teams fought hard and sent the match to double overtime. However, Coach Prime’s team stole the match in the end with a 43-35 record. Besides on-field rivarly, the match also hit the headlines due to trash talks of players durung warm up and violence which led Travis Hunter to get injured on the field.

This win marked the team’s sixth consecutive victory against Colorado State in the Rocky Mountain Showdown. What’s your take on the phenomenal performance of Deion Sanders’ team? Tell us in the comments.


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