Former NFL RB O.J. Simpson who once got charged with murder, gets blasted by NFL fans after 9/11 comment involving Aaron Rodgers

One of history’s most heralded rookies, O.J. Simpson, spent his first nine seasons with the Buffalo Bills before playing his final two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite having an illustrious career with a record of 3,423 yards and 36 touchdowns, the Heisman Trophy winner exited the NFL only after 11 seasons due to injuries.

Recently, the former NFL player joined the hot topic of Aaron Rodgers’s season-ending injury. Yet, his statement failed to entertain the NFL fans, which led them to drag an unpopular act against him after his prolific football career.

O.J. Simpson makes 9/11 reference following Rodgers’ injury

All eyes were on Rodgers when he stepped into MetLife Stadium with the motive of creating a new history for the Big Apple. Unfortunately, within a few minutes, the Jets fans’ hopes were dashed as A-Rod fell to the ground after suffering an Achilles injury.

Though the Jets at last came out victorious against the Chicago Bills in a thrilling overtime, the night was no less than a nightmare for the team that weaved a pile of dreams of success with Aaron.

O.J. Simpson made a crass remark about September 11 and New York while discussing the effects of NFL Week 1 and Aaron Rodgers’ injury during his appearance on “It Is What It Is,” hosted by hip-hop veterans Cam’ron and Mase. The former NFL player started drawing parallels between Aaron’s injuries and the 22nd anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks because they both occurred on the same day.

O.J. Simpson

“The Jets are still going to be good. They got that defense and that kid learnt a lot from Aaron. Unfortunately 9/11 is just a bad day to New York.”

Although his terrible remark caused both hosts to laugh out loud, the former NFL running back himself quickly gained attention.

Fans blast the former RB citing his alleged murder trial

O.J. Simpson has been a very contentious figure ever since the end of his own NFL playing career when he was charged with the double murder case. The former Buffalo Bills running back was accused of killing Ron Goldman and his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. In the past 30 years of American history, his case has generated the most controversy and racial tension.

Hence, his unpopular joke about Rodgers infuriated the fans, and they did not hesitate to make him remember his heinous act, which led him to be imprisoned for several years.

“Idk this guy literally murdered somebody. I think he’s had worse lows than this,” one netizen commented.

Rodgers’ injury night is unforgettable for the whole Jets’ squad, and the Kansas City Chiefs starter Patrick Mahomes also vented his grief for Rodgers. Hence, O.J. Simpson’s unpopular viewpoint on such a weighty subject spurred the fans to criticize the former Buffalo Bills player for his utterly absurd and pointless words.

“9/11 and a football injury are worlds apart on the scale of importance so using them in the same sentence not cool, but what I want to know is, if OJ is still looking for Nicole and Ron’s killer, and has he tried the mirror?,” one comment read.

His participation as a guest on the show was also questioned by several fans as one of them commented, “He shouldn’t be allowed on any tv shows imo crazy”.

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