Former NFL star firmly picks Josh Allen over Joe Burrow despite Bengals Week 8 triumph vs 49ers

The Cincinnati Bengals, led by Joe Burrow, are sitting at the bottom of the AFC North. However, their recent resurgence is undoubtedly phenomenal. From 1-3 till week 4 to 4-3 in week 7, the team has bounced back more than ever after Burrow actively sat at the helm following his injury setback.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen are also having quite a good season with a 5-3 record and a second spot in the AFC East. Allen also fell prey to injury this season but his performance didn’t fade away. Even his athleticism mesmerized a former NFL star so much that he put the Bills QB over the Bengals QB without any hesitation.

Josh Allen gets the nod over Joe Burrow

Cincy got beaten by the Bills 21-17 last season, and now they are again going to face off against each other on Monday. Former Bills running back LeSean McCoy was previewing the matchup on FS1 and brought up a comparison between Allen and Burrow.

The ex-NFL star boldly claimed the Bills QB is better than the Cincy QB while saying the comparison is not even “close”.

“Imma go with Josh Allen, and I do love Joe Burrow. Phenomenal player. Lights out. Great player he is, but I’m gonna take the best player. I think Josh Allen’s the better quarterback. If I had to draw up a quarterback and what it looks like, what he could do, his attributes? It’s not even close,” he said via Cincy Jungle.

McCoy continued his discussion saying Allen showcased his football prowess despite lacking destructive weapons like Stefon Diggs. He also claimed Burrow had the advantage of being surrounded by great athletes.

“Right, I played with Josh Allen, and I’ve seen just Josh Allen before he had Stefon Diggs. He was a good quarterback, really good, but he didn’t have a lot of weapons. I never seen Joe burrow without the weapons over there.”

The Bengals signal-caller is arguably regarded as the second-best QB in the league. However, the former RB is not ready to hear the claim, instead, he thinks the Bills dual-threat is more capable of proving himself in big games. He also mentioned Joe’s this season’s calf injury and last season’s appendix as significant setbacks on his way to shine in the league.

Burrow shines as Bengals outscore 49ers with 3 TD passes

The San Francisco 49ers lost their momentum after winning several games in a row, while the Bengals regained their energy after a losing streak. Burrow’s skill in breaking down defenses and making the right decisions on the field led to three consecutive wins after a rough start to the season.

The quarterback completed 19 passes in a row for his team and ended the game 28 for 32, with 283 yards and three touchdowns. After recovering from an injury, the veteran seemed to return to his previous form. He successfully evaded a sack attempt during a touchdown drive in the first quarter and had two impressive long runs during the game.

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DJ Turner #20 of the Cincinnati Bengals carries the ball against the San Francisco 49ers
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Meanwhile, the 49ers’ cost-effective signal-caller Brock Purdy has once again failed to prove his caliber on the field and threw for 365 yards along with a touchdown pass to Christian McCaffrey. He also fell prey to back-to-back interceptions in their 17-31 loss in week 8. What’s your take on Burrow and Purdy’s performance in week 8? Tell us in the comments.


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