Former Serena Williams coach writes off Rafael Nadal in bold prediction

Rafael Nadal has had to endure an emotionally painful absence from tennis for over 10 months due to his longstanding recovery process from a psoas muscle tear incurred at the 2023 Australian Open.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the Spaniard’s return by echoing a chorus of support for the 22-time grand slam champion whenever he posts a picture of himself practicing tennis on social media. However, a famous tennis player’s coach has sided with the minority by criticizing Nadal’s chances of winning major tournaments once he returns to professional tennis.

Rick Macci writes off Nadal

Rafael Nadal’s comeback has piqued the interest of many people. Even the Australian Open’s director Craig Tiley announced Rafa’s return next year to Melbourne, much to the amusement of the 36-year-old for its prematurity.

As stated by Rick Macci, Serena Williams’ former coach, he expressed a contrasting viewpoint by confidently stating that Rafael Nadal may not be a strong contender for top honors at major tournaments in the upcoming year.

Macci’s claim can be seen as justifiable from his perspective, as he likely believes that age and time away from playing tennis significantly impact an athlete’s ability to succeed. However, Rafael Nadal has consistently demonstrated his ability to excel under pressure throughout the years.

Nadal excitedly announced his highly anticipated comeback on Twitter, sparking cheers from fans who couldn’t wait to see their champion back on the court. As the year comes to a close, Nadal is diligently focusing on his recovery process to ensure he is in top form and prepared to compete against the best players.

Nadal’s recovery trail leads to Australian Open

As the early hard court season in 2024 approaches, Rafael Nadal is diligently preparing by embracing the mantra that practice makes perfect. Despite his time spent in the gym and swimming pools, Nadal is shown increasing the intensity of his practice session in the video below.

This year, Rafa has made progress from the hospital bed to the gym, and then from outdoor training sessions at the swimming pool to the tennis court as part of his rehabilitation process. Nadal will be looking forward to a strong performance next year, showcasing his signature banana topspins and double-handed slices.

“I’m at a good stage of my life. Until now I didn’t know if I would play tennis again someday, and now I genuinely believe I will,” Nadal said in November to ESPN.

Rafael Nadal, who has seen a decline in his ATP rankings over the past year, will be participating in the Australian Open without a seed. That shouldn’t bother the two-time champion in Melbourne, who will aim to ensure that his disciplined preparation yields results.

Fans eagerly anticipate his comeback and the potential clash with fellow Big 3 player Novak Djokovic, who is also eagerly awaiting the Spaniard’s return.

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