Former UFC fighter accuses Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal of feeling intimated by many rich and famous men

Dillon Danis is intensifying his feud with Logan Paul by employing provocative strategies, such as ridiculing Logan’s fiancée. A former UFC fighter has also entered the war by commenting on Logan Paul’s partner, Nina Agdal.

Given both Logan and Danis’ proficiency in online taunting, it was foreseeable that their verbal exchanges would be heated in the lead-up to their fight. Nevertheless, since the fight’s announcement, Dillon has elevated the verbal sparring by consistently posting about Nina Agdal.

Ex-UFC fighter shocked to see Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal with so many people

Following Dillon Danis’s recent provocative activity on Twitter involving both Paul and his fiancée, he has undoubtedly faced substantial criticism. Meanwhile, Jake Shields, a former UFC fighter has seized the opportunity to comment on Nina as well.

“I’m honestly impressed with How many rich and famous men she’s banged. She should write a how to book,” Jake tweeted.

There is an ongoing debate surrounding whether Dillon should limit his posts about Nina Agdal, given his continuous focus on her past and his sharing her photos with other men from online sources. Additionally, there’s speculation about whether Logan should consider taking legal action in response to this situation.

Dillon Danis continues to post more images of Logan Paul’s fiancee with other men

Danis has taken his trolling and mockery of Logan to Twitter, targeting Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, in his posts. This personal attack has been launched due to Logan’s relationship with the Danish model, confirmed by their close moments together and the recent announcement of their engagement.

As Danis is using various tactics to mock both Logan and Nina, including sharing pictures of Nina from her previous relationships, the former Bellator fighter has been facing the consequences too.

Recently, Dillon shared on social media that he’s facing shadow bans on Twitter, which he blamed on Misfits Boxing. However, Danis’s disrespectful posts about Nina on his official Twitter account could potentially lead to legal action from Logan before their scheduled boxing match.

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