Formula 1 rumour: Alex Albon reportedly to pair with Max Verstappen in Red Bull starting 2025

In 2021, Alex Albon faced demotion to a test and reserve driver for Red Bull, shortly after which, Sergio Perez assumed his position as Max Verstappen’s teammate. However, Perez has been consistently underperforming in nearly every F1 race, as witnessed in the previous season.

In a surprising turn of events, Albon, in contrast to his past struggles, clinched impressive points for the Williams last season. Observing his comeback, numerous rumours are circulating about Red Bull contemplating the rehiring of the Thai-British driver for their team.

Alex Albon reportedly offered Red Bull deal

Alex Albon initially joined Toro Rosso in 2019, shortly after which he was promoted to Red Bull. However, his stay on the team was temporary, with the 27-year-old transferring to Williams’ team as the main driver after three years. Since then, Albon has showcased impressive talents on the team by scoring consecutive points and lifting Williams to the seventh position in the constructors’ standings last year.

Recently, Formula One journalist Peter Windsor claims on his YouTube channel that Red Bull has allegedly offered Albon a three-year contract until 2025 after witnessing his strong comeback in the previous season. Peter also claimed that he certainly could not imagine Albon saying no to the team, as this was a blissful opportunity for the driver to outshine others on the grid again.

He also said that the rumour had a chance of being 90% accurate: “Mercedes engines are in Williams. He [Albon] has been doing well. But as I understand it, he has been offered a three-year contract by Red Bull to start in 2025. So I think he will be seen alongside Max Verstappen in the Red Bull. I can’t imagine him saying no to that. Equally, as I understand it, it’s not 100%…it’s probably 90% correct, I think.”

Albon believes he is ready for the championship fight

After a drastic change in his career pace, Alex Albon has started to prepare himself for the more brutal challenges ahead, considering that each team is already preparing by introducing new, well-defined machinery to ensure their success on the grid this season.

When asked if he was well equipped for the upcoming season, Albon replied, “I’m ready; I’m ready to win races and to fight for a championship. I would love to be on this team, but who knows? I’ve got to keep my doors open because that’s just how it is. Just like teams keep their doors open for other drivers, you’ve got to keep your doors open for other teams.”

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