Fresh off UCL win Carlo Ancelotti hails Jude Bellingham, Vinicius Jr talks on his tireless efforts to bring Bellingham to Real Madrid

Jude Bellingham’s remarkable performance at Real Madrid is a testament to a player’s enduring quality, regardless of their location. Since his transfer to Real Madrid this summer, the British midfielder has consistently delivered outstanding performances.

Bellingham has notably inspired world-class displays in both Real Madrid’s Champions League fixtures this season, notching crucial goals. His decisive goal against Union Berlin and another spectacular strike against Napoli underscore his excellence on the pitch. Such is his talent that he even received persuasion from Vinícius Júnior to join the ranks of Real Madrid, highlighting the mutual respect and recognition among top-tier players.

Real Madrid boss praises Jude Bellingham after UCL victory

Just like he did against Union Berlin, Jude Bellingham puts up another world-class performance against Napoli, sparking praises and compliments from Carlo Ancelotti.

Jude Bellingham was undoubtedly brilliant in the match, assisting and scoring one, but Valverde’s screamer separated both sides, giving Real Madrid the lead and taking them to the top of Group C.

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Carlo Ancelotti engaged with the media following his team’s victory and shared insights on various topics, including individual players and the outcome of the match.

To begin, the manager provided an overview of his team’s performance at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, highlighting how the narrative of the game shifted during the second half.

“We played a complete and serious match. We played very well in the first half, and after the goal, we did very well between the lines and created opportunities.”

“The dynamics of the match changed after the penalty, and Naples pressed higher. We suffer for 10 or 15 minutes, and then we take control and score at the end,” he explained.

Highlighting the tactics that got the team through the first 45 minutes, Carlo Ancelotti reiterates that;

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“The success of the first half has been because the positions of Bellingham, Valverde, and Rodrygo created many doubts for Napoli in the game between the lines.

“The result is fair, and I was expecting a Napoli with quality and dangerous players,” he concluded on the result.

Speaking specifically on Jude Bellingham’s brilliance, as he’s done on several occasions, the Real Madrid boss said;

“I’m surprised that he’s 20 years old because he seems to be 30 because of his character and personality. He is always focused on the game and knows what he has to do.”

“It’s rare in a 20-year-old boy. He has a lot of quality, physical strength, and ability. He surprises me like everyone else,” he concluded.

Vini Jr. Talks about Jude Bellingham

Before Vinicius Junior spoke on Bellingham’s brilliance in last night’s game, Carlo Ancelotti had already sung their praises.

Ancelotti acknowledged that the dynamic partnership of Vinícius Júnior and Jude Bellingham was a significant source of trouble for Napoli during the match. He went on to reveal what made this young duo so potent and lethal on the field, shedding light on their particular attributes and contributions that posed challenges for the opposition.

“What we ask of Vini Jr. is to look for the position in which he is best. Sometimes he played on the outside and sometimes on the inside. Bellingham combined well with him, and they both had a lot of creativity. Having the two positioned on our left wing undoubtedly creates a lot of danger.”

Jude Bellingham has often been compared to Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo and performs excellently. After his magnificent solo goal in yesterday’s Champion League match, Vinicius Jr. spoke about his efforts to bring him to the club; he said;

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“I sent many messages to Bellingham last year. I was texting [him] almost every day, and I was telling him: ‘Come to Madrid’.”

Jude Bellingham responded saying, “He’s probably the best in the world for me,” Bellingham said. “He’s one of the most talented players I’ve ever played with.”

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