George Russell and Carmen Mundt’s lavish F1 holidays: Hotel de Paris hideaway with a $250,000 Mercedes

Similar to any other driver on the grid, George Russell has a devoted partner providing lifelong support both on and off the track. Since 2020, the power couple, Carmen Montero Mundt and George Russell, have been immersed in a loving relationship, consistently supporting each other.

This year, as the season came to a close, the British driver showed his sophisticated side by enjoying quality time with his girlfriend at a football match in England. More recently, they were also spotted entering an opulent hotel, the cost of which runs into millions, as per the viral pictures.

Carmen Mundt, George Russell arrive in $250K Mercedes at Hotel de Paris

The power couple has been enjoying each other’s presence on multiple occasions for a while now. Russell has tried his best to spend quality time with his girlfriend once he gets time off the paddock. At the conclusion of the 2023 season, the couple decided to be the centre of the buzzing news of the F1 paddock. The couple has been visiting several lavish places lately, including the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.

25-year-old George Russsell has been having the best career moment of his life as he drove in a Mercedes AMG SL Class worth $250k. The Mercedes driver’s numberplate read ‘LB MA’ which is solely made for Mercedes employees, showcasing his importance in the industry.

Apart from driving in a posh car, the British also had a glamorous look while entering the hotel, wearing an extremely beautiful overcoat over a coat, which complimented his fashion sense as well.  Upon arriving at the venue, he left his car and quickly joined his girlfriend, Carmen Montero Mundt. The duo held hands together and entered the hotel, with thousands of paparazzi admiring their style.

What is George Russell’s net worth in 2024?

As a Mercedes driver, since his debut, Russell has enjoyed eleven podium finishes in his entire career and one significant victory in the Sao Paulo 2022 Grand Prix.

The British driver has an increasing demand in the paddock while being teamed up with the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. As one of the youngest members on the grid, Russell had a net worth of $16 million last year.

However, this year the driver’s net worth has reduced by $2 million, with a staggering salary of $14,567,447.00 annually.  Despite spending a short amount of time in the industry, he has quickly gained profound recognition among the media and spectators; hence, everyone is looking forward to witnessing his stunning performance this season as well.

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