Ghanaian parliament issues apology to Harry Maguire as defender rebounds at Manchester United

The sport of soccer is both beautiful and harsh, as players can at one moment be at their lowest level while having the chance to prove themselves again. Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has long been criticized by both his fans and globally as well, becoming a sort of meme.

But he has resisted in recent times, again cementing himself as a starter in Erik ten Hag’s team. And now a former critic of his has decided to offer his apology to the English center.

Harry Maguire gets unexpected apology from official

Last year, an infamous incident occurred in the Ghanaian Parliament. A famous Member of Parliament, Isaac Adongo, was debating the economic crisis at the time and compared it to Harry Maguire on the pitch, saying that “Maguire became the biggest threat at the center of the Manchester United defense.”. This earned heavy laughter from the others in the building and the video also went viral on social media.

At the time, Maguire was making too many mistakes and had become unreliable for the team. He later lost his captaincy as well as his place in the starting lineup. The insult by the MP had gained mixed reactions, with many appreciating his humor, but many also came to the side of Maguire, deeming such a comparison ‘unfair’ and belittling.

Previously, England manager Gareth Southgate, who has some plans to make sure England isn’t distracted during the upcoming EURO, criticized the mockery of the player by fans. Many other fellow soccer players and professionals also joined the side of Maguire to protect him.

However this Tuesday, the same MP in a budget debate has decided to apologize after Maguire recently turned around his career. He hailed Maguire as a ‘transformational footballer’ and a key player for the team.

Maguire also soon replied and showed his class, replying on Twitter, “MP Isaac Adongo apology accepted. See you at Old Trafford soon”.

Harry Maguire hits back at United critics

Harry Maguire was part of England’s squad to play in the international break. The defender, who is often on the receiving end of mockery and criticism still believes he has much to deliver. He has hit back at his critics and said that he is still appreciated by the soccer community.

Harry Maguire

He said to reporters, “I know I’m appreciated in the dressing room. I know I’m appreciated in the football world, coaches, players, the support I have from ex-players, managers and I know I’m really appreciated in the world of football. I know I’m appreciated by the England fans whom I have made many memories over the years and that’s the most important thing for me.”

Harry Maguire recently earned his starting place back, after the injury of Lisandro Martinez and the dropping of Raphael Varane by the manager. He had decided to stay at the club despite a transfer to West Ham being agreed.

Now that the international break is over, Maguire will have more chances to prove himself when Manchester United faces Everton on Sunday.

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