“Guard the motherfu***r”: LeBron James voices displeasure over Austin Reaves’ defensive performance against the Rockets

LeBron James has always been a team leader in all the franchises he has played for. LeBron who will be 39 years old this December, is showing no sign of slowing down his work rate on the court. In the current 2023-2024 season, LeBron has inspired the Lakers to a handful number of dead-end victories.

Following another dead-end win for the LA Lakers against the Houston Rockets, LeBron at some point in the game, thunderously screamed at his teammate who neglected his on-court defensive responsibility.

LeBron James screams profanity at Austin Reaves

The Lakers narrowly edged out the Houston Rockets with a 105-104 victory at the dead end yet again. So far in the season the Lakers’ late victories now stand at fifth in six games, in which LeBron James, has been a major factor. In a recent video clip from their game against the Houston Rockets, LeBron James could be seen rendering a thunderous scream at Austin Reaves, after a Rockets player gained the basket easily against the Lakers’ shooting guard.

LeBron footage of shouting at Austin Reeve to Guard the motherfu***r” during the Rockets game
LeBron James Via Getty

LeBron James, with his powerful offensive attack on the Rockets, in an impressive 40 minutes, recorded a season-high 37 points from 14 out of 19 shooting from the field, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, and 3 steals, to inspire the Lakers’ victory.

Meanwhile, Austin Reaves, who has thrived since his move to the bench, despite his incident with LeBron, produced a solid performance in the game, as he averaged 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists on 5 out of 7 shooting. While Austin Reaves could be easily screamed at by the King for his lackluster defense, there are questions raised over the King’s defense display, as he also failed to guard the Rockets’ players.

NBA community reacts to LeBron James NSFW scream at Austin Reaves

Following the thunderous screaming of LeBron James at the Lakers’ shooting guard Austin Reaves over his poor defensive display, which gave a Rockets player the basket, NBA fans have expressed their varying opinions on the incident.

A fan harshly referred to Austin Reaves as a weak player, who probably didn’t want to play the defensive role in the game.

Another fan stated hearing the scream of LeBron James at Austin Reaves so loud. The fan also added that LeBron needs to be accountable as well, as he also had a poor defensive display against the Houston Rockets players.

Additionally, one fan harshly tagged Austin Reaves as the worst defender on the Lakers’ roster, and another stated that LeBron James didn’t have the right to scream at Austin Reaves because the Houston Rockets player easily scored over him.

Whether LeBron James or Austin Reaves was to be blamed for the incident, it matters less, as the duo has been exceptional so far in the season. Austin Reaves, despite his bench role, has managed to average 13.7 points, 6.0 rebounds, 6.0 assists, and 0.3 steals per game.

LeBron James has achieved five 30-point scoring so far in the season, with four in the last seven games for the Lakers. With the Lakers hoping to build on the momentum against Jazz next, the combined exceptional displays of both LeBron and Reaves could be the winning factor in the coming fixtures.

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