Helmut Marko confirms Red Bull to provide Max Verstappen with bodyguards in the Mexico GP after fans booed him at the United States GP

Max Verstappen is under a lot of threat before the Mexican GP and it has caused Red Bull to go on a high alert, considering the safety of their number 1 driver and reigning world champion. It all started at the US GP with booing, however, matters escalated for worse when Kelly Piquet started receiving death threats alongside Max.

It was earlier tipped that Max Verstappen will have extra security for the Mexican GP since, the miscreants were supposedly Mexican fans who were not impressed with the treatment of Sergio Perez at Red Bull.

Max Verstappen to have bodyguards at the Mexico GP

Helmut Marko has always supported his drivers fiercely and when it comes to Max Verstappen, it was obvious that the Red Bull advisor won’t leave any stones unturned. Helmut Marko has personally confirmed that Max will have bodyguards in the Mexican GP.

The matter is highly critical because of the immense support Sergio Perez receives in Austin and Mexico. The crowd that booed Max Verstappen earlier chanted Checo’s name to try and demotivate Max. It seems like these incidents are related to the unfiltered criticism shown by Red Bull towards Checo. It is no surprise that in a success-driven environment like that of Red Bull, bad performances will be taken lightly, but Sergio Perez’s failed endeavors have caused him to become the object of rebuke. The situation has only gotten worse due to the comments made by Helmut Marko and the apparent warning of losing a seat in 2024.

Verstappen brushes off security concerns despite bodyguards | RacingNews365

Max Verstappen says respect for all drivers is important

In an interview before the race, Max Verstappen was asked about the recent scenario and everything he has gone through. The reporter mentioned the theme of respect being encouraged before the race, with various posters complementing it, to which Max Verstappen responded positively.

Christian Horner grilled after suspicions of Max Verstappen favouritism at  Dutch GP : PlanetF1

“I think they’re also trying to promote that because it’s not it’s not something only about here I think it’s in general in the sport right now um you know we gained a lot of new fans over the last three years um and they might maybe respond or react a little bit different to what we had before…..”

“….of course I think it’s always good to um support your favorite driver but also have respect to others um in in particular places you know while being on the podium when a national anthem is being sung or or played I think it’s always quite disrespectful when you start chanting through these kind of you know uh moments and that’s why I think it’s good that they are raising awareness because it’s not only in our sport there’s a lot of different sports where people are trying to raise this kind of awareness”

It seems Max Verstappen isn’t particularly impressed about the disrespect shown to his national anthem and he wants the sport to change for better. Do you think Checo’s appeal to fans and the new methods of awareness by Red Bull will diminish the booing and toxicity among fans.


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