Hollywood legend Will Smith posts hilarious video to celebrate Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 move to Ferrari

Having successfully concluded negotiations, the renowned driver, Lewis Hamilton, has sealed his contract to make a spectacular move to Ferrari for the upcoming 2025 season, thereby realizing a cherished childhood dream.

The seven-time World Champion’s transfer to the Italian-based team has not only captured the attention of the motorsports world but also of high-profile celebrities. Famous Hollywood actor Will Smith recently shared an amusing clip regarding Hamilton’s transfer that had hilarious reactions from fans worldwide.

Will Smith shares funny edit on Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari move

In Formula One, a transformative tide has swept through, marked notably by the shift in dynamics, with Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari standing out as a firm example. Therefore, as everyone has been preparing ahead of the 2024 season, Hollywood star Will Smith has shared a funny video about the British driver’s departure from Mercedes in the 2025 season.

The actor took out a clip from his Bad Boys 2 movie and edited Hamilton’s face. In the scene, Will Smith was driving a Ferrari 550 Maranello and running away from the cops; after the edit, it seemed like Hamilton was running away on a Ferrari. Later on, he posted the reel on his Instagram by referring to how the scene shows the former World Champion will pull up in the 2025 season, driving for Ferrari at that time.

The 55-year-old also posted the reel to his story to make it more widely recognised by Hamilton’s fans. As a result, the Mercedes driver also shared his opinion on the hilarious meme by commenting, “From now on, that’s how you drive!!!!” taking no offence from his edited video.

Lewis Hamilton wants to draw in Mercedes colleagues to Ferrari

Hamilton not only ensured his career’s future by transferring to Ferrari, but he has also thoughtfully claimed to not repeat Sebastian Vettel’s mistake again. The German driver had previously moved to Ferrari from Red Bull; however, he did not take any key officials from Red Bull, which made it difficult for him to adapt to the changing environment.

The British driver has refused to make the same mistake again, as it would have surely affected his overall performance in the long run. It is rumoured that Hamilton will most likely take Peter Bonnington, who is Hamilton’s race engineer, as both of them share a very special bond both off and on the paddock.

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