Hours after mocking fans as “sheep”, Giants’ OT Evan Neal issues apology for “unnecessary” outburst

The Monday Night game between the New York Giants and the Seattle Seahawks saw a number of frustrated players on the field, which in turn tested the patience of the fans in the stadium. Veteran player Evan Neal of the Giants eventually joined the frustrated fans in a sarcastic manner to express his frustration.

However, he didn’t hesitate to make some unflattering remarks about his own team’s fans after the match. Nevertheless, he quickly realized the unprofessional nature of his actions and backtracked on his previous words.

Evan Neal apologizes for outburst at Giants fans

The Giants kicked off the season with a terrible 0-40 loss against the Dallas Cowboys. Without their 3-point win against the Arizona Cardinals, they failed to gift a win to their fans, rather met another terrible 3-24 loss against the Seahawks. Hence, the fans vented all their anger on the players during their week 4 loss. 

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones endured more severe taunting, even from their head coach, but he remained silent. However, Neal, could not control his rage and lashed out at the supporters of his side. But as soon as the offensive tackle understood that he shouldn’t have behaved that way, he posted a public apology on his X account.

The player accepted that his outrage was a result of his excitement to play better. As his team already was frustrated with their mediocre performance, he should not let them down once again, he wrote in the apology statement.

“I am wrong for lashing out at fans who are just as passionate and frustrated as I am. I let my frustrations in my play and desire to win get the best of me. I had no right to make light of anyone’s job and I deeply regret the things I said.”

The Giants’ seventh-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft, who boasts an 84.8% pass block victory percentage, likewise failed to capture the attention of the crowd. Out of 65 qualifying tackles, he is ranked 39th.

Neal unleashes a verbal barrage on the crowd

After a slow first half on Monday, the team’s supporters let their frustrations out by booing the players as they made their way to the locker room. As a result, the team’s offensive tackle Evan Neal fired a shot towards the spectators. According to PFF, the worst tackle in the National Football League could not contain his rage and was spotted urging the crowd to yell with greater volume.

Following the match he again expressed his outrage in an interview with NJ.com, referring to the fans as “sheep” and mentioning himself as a careless one regarding their taunts.

“Most critics really don’t understand the game of football to the level that we understand it in this building. So why would a lion concern himself with the opinion of a sheep? I’m just going to focus on Evan — and getting better. I honestly do not care what anybody has to say about Evan Neal, because they’re going to talk anyway.”

Evan Neal
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Though his performance was not worthy enough to catch attention and help his team’s offense, Evan Neal demonstrated his commitment and eagerness to assist his team was his center of focus at that moment. He didn’t hesitate to confront the supporters who questioned his performances, saying, “What does he do? Flip hot dogs and hamburgers somewhere?”

“I genuinely don’t care. Why should I? I’m in the National Football League. The person that’s commenting on my performance, what does he do? Flip hot dogs and hamburgers somewhere?”

However, the Giants are going to face their most tough battle so far against the Miami Dolphins. Do you think they can entertain their fans this time with an upset win against the high-flying Dolphins?

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