How long does NFL Achilles tear healing take? Exploring possible Jets QB Aaron Rodgers injury outcome

Aaron Rodgers boarded his ship in the Big Apple this season with sky-high aspirations of assisting the New York Jets to clinch their second Super Bowl. In thrilling overtime, the Jets defeated the Buffalo Bills 22-16 to get their season off to a strong start.

However, the Jets supporters’ joy was dashed as their glimmer of hope Aaron Rodgers was hurt, turning the evening into a nightmare. The quarterback’s injury report will now go into depth about how he managed to live up to his high aspirations of taking home the big trophy.

How long does NFL Achilles tear healing take?

Achilles tear is a kind of injury better to be mentioned as a death sentence to a player’s career. According to data, just 30% of NFL players who rupture their Achilles tendon are able to continue playing professionally.

The rehab procedure for an Achilles repair is lengthy and will vary significantly depending on the surgeon’s protocol, but the average time of recuperation is said to be in the 10–12 month range.

However, some reports also claim that because of advances in science, athletes can now recuperate more quickly than before. They claim that an Achilles rupture typically takes four to six months to heal. However, it should be noted that many NFL players who undergo Achilles tendon surgery exhibit no performance decline but do experience a material shortening of their career.

Exploring potential injury outcomes for Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was sacked by Buffalo’s Leonard Floyd in the first drive of the Jets vs. Bills game. It left Aaron injured and he was carried from the field after an ankle injury was discovered. Despite the fact that the findings of his X-ray were negative, he was benched for the rest of the match.

Players over 30 are most susceptible to Achilles problems which is the fear of the Jets team regarding their 39-year-old vet player. Robert Saleh, the team’s head coach, provided an update, noting that they are currently anxiously awaiting the results of an MRI scan, which they anticipate will reveal an Achilles injury.

Aaron Rodgers

“It’s not good. I’m going to say a prayer and hold out hope,” Saleh said.

A typical NFL season lasts around five and a half months, and Aaron Rodgers is only in his first year in New York. Rodgers will therefore miss the entire season if the suspicions about Saleh prove to be accurate.

Zach Wilson now gets the ruling power of the four-time MVP quarterback room and he will be in charge of the starter position till Rodgers can be able to bounce back. 

The whole Jets fanbase is anticipating seeing the team’s new offensive leader on the field once more this year. Hopefully, the MRI report will provide them with comfort.

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