How long is Lando Norris’ new contract with McLaren F1?

Like many others striving to gatekeep their drivers for extended periods, McLaren is no exception. Despite facing challenges early in the previous season, the team witnessed a remarkable turnaround, thanks to their revolutionary driver, Lando Norris, who showcased impressive pace following significant car updates.

Recognizing his contribution, McLaren has decided to secure the continued services of their star driver by offering him a new contract.

What is the length of Lando Norris’ new McLaren F1 contract?

Recently, McLaren has expressed admiration towards both the drivers on the team by clearing up the misconception of hiring new drivers ahead of the 2024 season. Shortly after this, news broke that Norris had signed a multi-year contract extension with the team after the end of his current contract, which expires at the end of the 2025 season.

There had also been ongoing speculation about the possibility of the Briton replacing Sergio Perez at Red Bull after the end of his contract, which still has a year to expire. However, addressing the increasing speculation, the 24-year-old has confirmed that he visualizes himself as the champion in the near future, driving for no other team but McLaren.

In an interview, Norris stated, “There are two things that really influence my decisions.”

“One, do I enjoy where I’m at or will I enjoy where I go to? And, two, will this team help me achieve my goal which is to become Formula 1 world champion?

“Both are now really yes, and I’m more convinced than ever that that second one is especially a yes.”

Why has Lando Norris shunned Red Bull?

Last September, in response to Norris’s recent statement, the British driver claimed that he was “open” to joining Red Bull as a potential partner of Max Verstappen by replacing Sergio Perez.

However, after giving it a much deeper thought, Norris quickly decided to further extend his stay at McLaren and be loyal to the team, denying to transfer to Red Bull any soon. He said, “I’m committed to the team, that I’m staying, and I’ve picked McLaren over Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, whatever team it could have been. They now have that reassurance. So I think it’s more for them than for myself.”

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