How many times was Tom Brady snubbed by 49ers in 2000 NFL draft before finally being taken by Patriots?

Many quarterbacks ended their cleats after showcasing their supremacy in the NFL field, yet perhaps no name will be echoed as like the one of Tom Brady. He left the field like a king, whose replacement is a dream for which his fans still want him to adorn the football field with his athleticism. 

Nevertheless, while among all the NFL team fans, the Cincinnati Bengals are the ones to dislike Brady, the NFL legend himself recently revealed the name of the team he still holds a dislike for, even after leaving the NFL for good.

Tom Brady unveils feelings on 49ers draft snub

In the vast tapestry of Tom Brady’s illustrious career, one thread stands out starkly, the draft day snub by the San Francisco 49ers. Twenty-three years after being overlooked by the franchise, Brady still holds palpable resentment, revealing the depth of the wound inflicted when they passed him over in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

During the recent episode of his “Let’s Go!” podcast, Brady’s lingering bitterness toward the 49ers came to the forefront. When asked if he had reverted to being a 49ers fan in retirement, having supported the team during his upbringing in San Mateo, Brady’s response was unfiltered and blatant.

Co-host Jim Gray witnessed Brady’s raw emotion as he emphatically revealed the 49ers negligence toward him, which the 46-year-old has been bearing silently.

“They passed me up six times in [the 2000 NFL draft], so f––- them and that whole staff that kept me out. I had a chip on my shoulder for a long time.”

The intensity of Tom Terrific’s feelings was not lost on guest Christian McCaffrey, the current 49ers running back who joined the podcast. McCaffrey, understanding the weight of being overlooked, empathized with Brady’s sentiments. 

“I think everyone gets it, to an extent. Tom says it, which I love. … That resonates with me 100%. That’s the best player of all time, and he’s still pissed off. That validates all of my emotions.”

Despite his lingering resentment, Brady expressed a nuanced stance regarding the 49ers and their current players. While he might not root for the team as a whole, he voiced support for specific individuals, notably McCaffrey. 

“I root for Christian because I really like him and how he plays and the style he plays and the team-first attitude, but not necessarily the colors on the jersey anymore.”

It was expected from the starter, who was valued as one of the most professional and considerate players and who even did not shy away from backing Bill Belichick amid the Patriots’ lackluster season.

How many quarterbacks were drafted ahead of Tom Brady?

The 2000 NFL Draft is not heralded for its star-studded lineup, but it remains a pivotal chapter in football history, marked by the emergence of Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time. In a draft class boasting only 28 Pro Bowlers, the six quarterbacks selected before Brady tell a fascinating tale of missed opportunities and unforeseen destinies.

As the names of Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger, and Spergon Wynn echoed through the draft halls, fate was setting the stage for a journey that would define NFL greatness. Carmazzi, drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, stands out as a peculiar footnote in the story, a player who never took an NFL snap in his two seasons as a backup.

For Brady, the journey to becoming the last active player from that draft class was both arduous and improbable. Selected 199th overall by the New England Patriots in the sixth round, TB12 had to wait patiently as six other quarterbacks were chosen before him. Little did the NFL know that this overlooked sixth-round pick would go on to become a seven-time Super Bowl champion and reshape the league’s narrative.

The 49ers, who drafted Carmazzi, likely rue the decision not to take Brady seriously. While the quarterback carousel continued for the 49ers, with limited success, Brady achieved unparalleled heights with the Patriots, winning six Super Bowls.

In 2019, Brady’s last season in New England, the 49ers reached the Super Bowl under Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback who once backed up Brady. However, they fell short against the Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers’ trajectory could have been different had they capitalized on an opportunity in 2020 when Brady hit free agency.

Despite being Brady’s top target in free agency, the 49ers reportedly chose to stick with Garoppolo, allowing the quarterback maestro to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as reported by The Messenger. The decision proved pivotal as Brady went on to secure his seventh Super Bowl, showing what might have been for the 49ers.

What’s your take on the 49ers’ lack of interest in Tom Brady?

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