How much did Anthony Edwards allegedly pay his partner for an abortion?

Anthony Edwards, the prolific shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, consistently dazzles on the court but occasionally finds himself entangled in off-court scandals. Ant is having a solid outing this season and is currently experiencing turmoil as his partner drags him over a pregnancy occurrence.

Amidst the saga, Edwards’ partner, Dream Paige, recently disclosed a significant amount that Edwards reportedly sent for aborting the pregnancy. NBA fans haven’t let it slide and have taken turns to backlash against Edwards.

Anthony Edwards allegedly paid $100,000 to his partner for an abortion

Anthony Edwards has become the latest to be involved in an issue that is quite famous in the league; an issue of sored affairs with women. Edwards allegedly impregnated an Instagram model Dream Paige, and she has publicized their conversations after Edwards seemingly forced her to abort the pregnancy. In a mix of events, these leaked conversations are coming just days after Edwards’ girlfriend, Jeanine Ronel, reportedly announced her pregnancy.

The community is asking how much did Anthony Edwards allegedly pay his partner for an abortion? Amid stern fans reaction
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Interestingly, the leaked conversations showed Edwards‘ full name on top of what appears like “iMessage” conversations. The first story tags Edwards and shows how he reacted after Paige informed him of the pregnancy.

Edwards instantly said ‘Hell Naw’ and told Paige to get an abortion. However, Paige claimed to have had an abortion only 2 years ago and still regrets the decision. Edwards insisted, stating that he didn’t want a baby with the IG model and offered to give her money to handle the situation.

Furthermore, Edwards kept insisting that Paige send him a video of her taking the abortion pills, displaying an aggressive tone compared to Paige’s slower pace of conversation. Eventually, it seemed that Paige had taken the pills, and she sent him a video as proof.

However, Edwards never responded to the video, leading to Paige’s follow-up action. Anthony Edwards then stated that his attorney would handle things moving forward. Nevertheless, Dream Paige also provided proof that Edwards tried to pay a whopping sum of $100,000 to persuade her to go through the abortion process.

NBA community mocks Anthony Edwards for paying partner for an abortion

Following Paige’s disclosure of Edwards sending $100,000 for abortion, the NBA fans have taken turns on X to mock Edwards for his off-court scandals. Despite having one of his best NBA seasons, with an average of 24.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists in 33.6 minutes per matchup to prove his contribution to the Timberwolves’ impressive season while ranking top in the Western Conference.

A fan posted a video that appeared to ridicule Edwards’ reaction, when he woke up from a nap, to open his phone, to see the leaked viral conversations between him and Dream Paige.

Another fan also posted a video with the caption saying that the duo of Anthony Edwards and Zion Williamson are quite excellent when it comes to allegations. The video in use, showed the combined excellence of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant at the Lakers.

Additionally, another fan with a video captioned it with how Edwards’ sarcastic response would be when IG model Paige asked him what she should do with his seed.

Meanwhile, it’s evident that Edwards would move on from this situation without being scathed, as such incidents often occur behind the scenes. However, Paige appears rightfully angered by Edwards’ reactions and treatment, explaining her decision to leak the conversations. Similar to Zion Williamson’s case with adult film star Moriah Mills, which faced a week-long dragging on social media over the summer, Edwards’ case will likely be forgotten as well.

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