How much is Jets’ Randall Cobb being fined for blindside block? Exploring the incident that led to Jihad Ward vs. Aaron Rodgers faceoff

This season the New York Jets are snatching headlines more than before due to their acquisition of 18-years veteran Aaron Rodgers. Additionally, this season also marked Rodgers’ first time playing in a preseason contest since 2018.

However, the former Green Bay Packers’ vets’ only joined the Jets’ last preseason game against the New York Giants on August 26 which garnered a lot of attention featuring a blindside block from Randall Cobb that also led to a sparkling animosity between Aaron and a Giants player.

Jets’ star Randall Cobb have to pay nearly $14,000 for blindside block

The Jets vs. Giants game at MetLife Stadium featured an illegal blindside block by Cobb on Giants safety Bobby McCain in the first quarter. As the NFL has grown more concerned with player health and safety, the block that left McCain with a concussion was expected to result in a severe penalty for Randall.

According to reports, the NFL penalized the Jets wide receiver $13,889 for his actions. The head coach of the Gang Green club Robert Saleh also acknowledged the error made by his players and claimed that Cobb acted foolishly because he was overexcited.

“The first drive was set back on the personal foul. Cobby was probably a little excited to be out there,” said third-year head coach Robert Saleh.

Following the block, Aaron made a joke about how his receiver had just lost all of his money from training camp and mentioned that it was no longer 2014 because he was aware that Cobb would be facing a punishment.

Jihad Ward and QB Aaron Rodgers went face to face in Jets vs Giants game

Prior to joining the Jets this offseason, Cobb spent 10 years with Rodgers in Green Bay. Hence, Cobbs’ blindside block generated a feud between the receivers’ former Packers mate and Ward at the end of the play, hence they went face-to-face on the following drive.

The four-time MVP threw a direct hit on Jihad, saying, “I don’t even know who you are bro” which got an initial screen on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

Randall Cobb (18)

After the game, Ward, who has played in the NFL since 2016 for six different teams, blamed the whole Jets squad, claiming that they had been chuckling in the huddle after the illegal block.

“Everybody going to get pissed off at that. The whole team was pissed off, you know what I’m saying? It’s preseason and all that stuff and you’re going to do some reaction like that?”

Although the fact that A-rod was seen berating his team’s receiver for the block and making everyone around him laugh, the former Super Bowl champion disagreed with Jihads’ accusations.

“He thought we were laughing at his teammate? That never happened. That never happened and I think he’s making s— up. I don’t care.”

By winning their crosstown rivals, the Jets ended the 2023 preseason with a 2-2 record. On October 29, the Gang Green will play the Giants once more during the regular season. Do you anticipate another Jets victory over the Giants during the regular season? Tell us in the comment section.

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