How much money has Ja Morant made in the NBA? Exploring his Grizzlies salary, contract & more

Ja Morant is one of the fastest-rising stars in the NBA and is widely considered as one of the best young talents in the league right now. His position attitude and exciting style of play has quickly made him a fan favorite.

The Grizzlies star is currently facing a suspension because of his “problematic behavior” off-court. Amid the heat of controversy, many NBA stars have come forward to support the Grizzlies young talent. Morant has been in the NBA for some time, and even though he is facing suspension now, he has made a significant fortune from his professional career.

How much money has Ja Morant made in the NBA?

Ja Morant’s NBA journey started in 2019 when he was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2019 NBA draft. Since then, he has grown as a player and has remained with the Grizzlies while honing his skills and improving his gameplay.

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It is estimated that Morant has earned a total of $73.6 million in his almost four years’ time in the NBA. He was paid $8.7 million in his rookie year (2019-20) which was followed by $9.1 million in the 2020-21 season. In the 2021-22 season, he earned $9.6 million which was followed by another $12.1 million paycheck in the 2022-23 season, marking the end of his initial rookie contract.

What is Ja Morant’ NBA contract with Grizzlies?

The 2022-23 season marked the end of Ja Morant’s rookie contract with the Grizzlies. He signed a 5-year rookie extension soon after in 2022 which is estimated to be worth $197.2 million. This extension contract also contains a Rose Rule clause which dramatically boosts the value of the contract.

According to the clause, if Morant makes the All-NBA first team in any season of his contract the deal will increase to five years with a new value of a staggering $231.4 million. Morant is set to earn a base salary of around $34 million in the 2023-24 season. The player’s contract with the Grizzlies is one of the most valuable in the NBA and reflects the current status of promising talent in the league.

What is Ja Morant’s Net Worth in 2023?

According to Celebrity Net Worth the estimated net worth of the Grizzlies’ rising young talent is around $50 million. Th player has made his impressive fortune from contracts, salaries and endorsements. Morant has signed a max contract with the Grizzlies and if he keeps up his performance after his suspension ends, he will fetch even more money in the league which in turn will impact his net worth.

Ja Morant
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On the other hand, off-court income sources such as endorsement deals and business investments also play a part in Ja Morant’s net worth. Morant had signed a deal with Nike and also has partnered via endorsement deals with other brands such as Wendy’s, Uber Eats, PSD, Hyperice, and Powerade. However, the current status of most of these deals is unclear after the recent suspension of Morant.

What do you think of Ja Morant’s suspension? Do you think he will be able to make it big in the league? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them in the comments section and share with us.

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