“I got your hat”: Jake Paul once stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat ending in a beating

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather come from polar opposite social and professional backgrounds. Nevertheless, the two are now at the forefront of the new crossover boxing spectacle. Mayweather fought Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul, in an exhibition fight.

Interestingly, Jake Paul had incidents with Mayweather both before and after “Money” fought Logan Paul. The younger Paul brother recently fought Nate Diaz and won via unanimous decision. Mayweather’s first crossover boxing bout was against Diaz’s MMA rival, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul once stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat

Floyd “Money” Mayweather made more money in boxing than any other boxer in history. The undefeated 5 division champion after his successful professional boxing career is still fighting inside the ring, albeit in exhibition bouts.

Maywaether’s first exhibition bout was against the undefeated kickboxer and Mixed Martial Artist Tenshin Nasukawa whom he easily defeated via TKO in the first round. However, it was his second fight against the much bigger Logan Paul that gave him trouble. The fight was a non-scored bout and the physicality of Paul was difficult to handle for Mayweather.

Interestingly, what happened before the fight was also interesting. Apparently, Mayweather was confronted by Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan after an interview. Mayweather in the interview had already claimed that he could defeat both the brothers in a single night.

Suddenly, Paul took off Mayweather’s hat and tried to run away but got caught. Paul was yelling “I got your hat” whilst running. The incident resulted in Paul getting a beating from Mayweather and his team.

At present, Mayweather is rematching John Gotti III on Super Bowl weekend. Their initial encounter caused a melee inside and outside the ring. On the other hand, Paul will be facing professional boxer Andre August in December in what is a non-PPV card.

Floyd Mayweather wanted to jump on Jake Paul

The hat-stealing incident was not the end of the feud between Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul. After the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather billed as ‘The Bragging Rights’ ended, the undefeated boxer confronted Jake Paul on the streets of Miami.

The incident happened after Paul came out of an NBA game between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mayweather and his entourage surrounded Paul, who was visibly surprised and frightened. Paul found it wise to flee from the scene rather than confront multiple bodies. Paul hastily ran away from Mayweather’s entourage, and the incident was caught on TMZ.

Paul has provided two different views about what happened. His first explanation was that the incident was scary, as he was to be jumped by Mayweather’s bodyguards if he had not fled. His later explanation was that the incident was staged by the two.

Nevertheless, both incidents were responsible for catapulting Jake Paul’s fame into the crossover boxing realm. Paul has defeated many MMA veterans in boxing including former MMA champions Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva in addition to BMF title challenger Nate Diaz.


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