Ice Cube blames “NBA Mob” for stopping Caitlin Clark from joining Big 3

Caitlin Clark received an enormous offer from Big 3 founder Ice Cube to participate in the league, that became a much-talked-about topic. However, the Indiana Fever’s new addition did not officially respond to the proposal, which made the rapper and his co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz anxious.

Ice Cube suspects that Caitlin Clark’s agent has a connection with the NBA, which didn’t let the agent convey the offer to the basketball sensation. Kwatinetz wrote an open letter accusing her agent on Outkick which stated, “We have reason to believe these male agents and executives controlling the sport never even shared our trailblazing offer with Caitlin, let alone facilitated Caitlin meeting with the BIG3 to discuss the opportunity.”

They further added that they believe the point guard is not the individual client of the agent, they might have an “NBA mob”as one ofs their clients. As per their perspective, the agent will prioritize the NBA mob, who pay more, over the Indiana Fever’s new draft.

Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube
Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

While speaking about the offer publicly, the rapper focused on Clark’s opportunity to shatteceilings,ceilings as she would have been the only female player in their league. The founders of the 3-on-3 basketball league also added perks along with the basic salary, making it hard for Clark to reject, but it hasn’t been successful yet.

Caitlin Clark could have reportedly made $15 million from Big 3 offer

There has been a lot of discussion going around since Caitlin Clark’s arrival in the WNBA. Every leading brand wants to associate with her because of the impact she has on the basketball community. However, her salary in the league does not justify it. Big 3 gave her a chance to increase her bank balance with their huge offer.

According to the statement produced, the deal included “Ten million dollars of salary over two years, a percentage of team ownership worth millions, fifty percent of merchandising revenues from her name and likeness and ownership of a BIG3 documentary with a seven-figure advance. In total, we’re talking fifteen million dollars or more to merely play a ten-game season. While still allowing her to play in the WNBA.”

As the start of the WNBA is on the horizon and the Big 3’s schedule is in June, the chance of Caitlin Clark joining Ice Cube’s project is getting slimmer with each passing day. But in life and basketball, you can never say never.

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