“If someone doesn’t like GOAT LeBron James, we can’t be together”: Shannon Sharpe’s audacious remark stirred up contentious discussion all around the nation

In his decade-long career in the NBA, LeBron James has amassed a vast following of admirers. He’s evolved into a global icon recognized by nearly everyone familiar with basketball. His admirers range from everyday fans to prominent celebrities.

Former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe is one of LeBron James’ many admirers. He’s a huge fan of LeBron, and in his latest statements on his Nightcap show, Sharpe said something that is sparking discussions nationwide.

Shannon suggested disliking LeBron James can negatively impact a romantic relationship

Both Shannon and LeBron James are prominent celebrities, and anything interesting they say quickly makes headlines. Despite this, Shannon expressed his admiration for the four-time NBA champion. During his show Nightcap, which he hosts with Chad Johnson, a former NFL player, Shannon states that if someone doesn’t not like GOAT LeBron, they can’t be together.

LeBron James

The statement came up when Chad and Shannon started to talk about marriage. Sharpe first asked Chad if he could marry someone who supported a team he did not like. Chad smartly replied that he would because they could compartmentalize the sporting rivalry and their relationship. When Sharpe was asked for his opinion on the matter he said, “If somebody doesn’t like GOAT James, we can’t be together.”

Shannon’s unwavering LeBron love

Shannon Sharpe is a huge LeBron James fan and his love for the basketball superstar is unwavering. Shannon has been a vocal supporter of King James throughout his career, and the two share a close friendship. They have been spotted together on multiple occasions and are very outspoken about their admiration for each other. James has even appeared on Shannon’s podcast, “Club Shay Shay.”

Shannon considers LeBron to be the greatest basketball player of all time and has defended Bron from his critics on numerous occasions. Shannon himself is a prominent NFL celebrity, widely regarded as the greatest tight end of all time. He has won three Super Bowls and is a Pro Football Hall of Famer. The substantial admiration from such a successful athlete like Sharpe highlights how great LeBron James is at his craft.

LeBron James
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