“Imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo did this”: Jamie Carragher revealed when Lionel Messi slid into his DM

A player as great as Lionel Messi has managed to stay relevant in the game for so long by not just being very talented but also delivering results consistently. The Argentine won every trophy possible at Barcelona, including the UEFA Champions League, which he lifted three times. Messi was seen as an introvert who couldn’t stand the media for many years.

This has changed recently as Lionel Messi has become more expressive, throwing digs whenever necessary. His row with Louis van Gaal and the Dutch national team during the World Cup was well documented. His outspokenness has been confirmed by Jamie Carragher, who claimed Messi once slid into his DM.

Jamie Carragher leaked Lionel Messi interaction

Jamie Carragher is more famous as a pundit than he ever was as a footballer, and what a career he’s made for himself in the business! The Liverpool legend is one of the most popular English pundits, known mainly for his CBS sessions with Kate Abdo, Micah Richards, and Thierry Henry. These live football discussions and analyses have won people over due to the chemistry displayed between the four.

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In one of those hilarious sessions, Jamie Carragher boasted that Messi was once in his DMs, asking Micah Richards if the Argentine had ever sent him any personal messages.

“He’s not been in your DMs, Messi?” Carragher asked Micah Richards. Richards reacted in awe, appearing not to believe what he had just heard. “I can’t…I don’t know what they speak. Is it Spanish? The Argentinians,” Carragher continued as he picked up his phone to search for Messi’s message. “I’m just going to say the word he called me. He called me a ‘Burro’,” he said.

Carragher got the shock of his life when he learned from Kate Abdo that ‘Burro’ meant a donkey.

While the credibility of the story is not solid, Carragher’s job as a pundit means he may have said some harsh things about Messi in the past, prompting the World Cup winner’s response in his DM.

Messi’s WhatsApp picture revealed

Like most people, footballers are very active on social media, sharing some parts of their lives with millions of followers. However, they also use private messaging platforms like WhatsApp to stay connected to their closest friends and family members.

Lionel Messi’s display picture on the popular messaging app has been revealed by his nephew Tomi, who participated in an internet program. Messi’s nephew revealed his display picture on WhatsApp to be the infamous family picture he took with his family when he won the World Cup with Argentina last December.

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What would you tell Messi if you had his WhatsApp number? Make sure to tell us in the comments section.


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