Is CM Punk heading to IMPACT Wrestling? Exploring potential landing spots for the AEW outcast

CM Punk has been in the headlines recently for his unexpected termination from AEW. The superstar has been a champion in the promotion and has had a great run with the company. Tony Khan, CEO of AEW, has always been on Punk’s side while managing the promotion, but things took such a wrong turn that he had to fire the superstar from AEW for a backstage brawl.

Despite getting terminated from AEW, CM Punk has not responded yet. However, there are some speculations that he might respond regarding his termination.

Impact Wrestling “super excited” over potential CM Punk move

CM Punk is now a free agent after getting terminated from AEW, and it appears that he might get into a contract with another company if things work out. Although his choices might be limited, there is still interest in Punk moving to TNA. Many superstars from the WWE roster also made it very clear that they don’t want to see Punk back in the company. This sentiment was known the moment his termination news broke on the internet. The door for him is not closed everywhere.

An insider stated that Impact Wrestling is very excited about the idea of having CM Punk join them and perform for their promotion. “Among other promotions, we have heard that Impact Wrestling was super excited about the idea of Punk potentially working there but I don’t know that realistically, that would be a long-term option,” said a PW insider.

Only time will tell if Impact Wrestling signs CM Punk for their company. It would take a lot of money, but Punk might find his freedom with Impact Wrestling. Some might view it as a demotion, but there are a lot of opportunities for Punk on that roster.

CM Punk is yet to respond following AEW’s firing

Although CM Punk is no longer part of AEW, he may not be finished with the promotion. AEW CEO Tony Khan announced on Saturday, September 2, that he had fired Punk with cause following an investigation into the backstage altercation Punk had with Jack Perry at AEW All In. The disciplinary committee advised Tony Khan to fire CM Punk, and he ultimately did so, with Khan noting in an announcement following the firing that he feared for his safety during the backstage brawl.

However, Punk’s being fired with cause leaves scope for potential legal action from Punk, and sources close to the superstar told Sports Illustrated to expect him to respond in some legal way. Whether Punk will respond through legal action or a potential podcast appearance similar to his appearance on “Art of Wrestling” in 2014 after his WWE departure is yet to be seen.

Do you think Punk will move to Impact Wrestling as he has had past issues with WWE? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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