Is Eagles icon Jason Kelce signing a possible deal with Prime Video to host TNF coverage?

The Philadelphia Eagles fell short of expectations after embracing a painful loss from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoff. Their center, Jason Kelce, has nothing left but to enjoy the 2024 NFL offseason. While his brother and the Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is preparing for the Super Bowl clash against the San Francisco 49ers, he is enjoying his Las Vegas trip.

Jason even hit the headlines for his exuberant shirtless celebration during a Chiefs match. However, he also might be swapping his helmet for a microphone as rumors swirl around potential broadcasting deals and Amazon Prime is one of his targets.

Is Jason Kelce signing a potential Prime Video deal?

Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports reported that Jason Kelce recently held a meeting with Amazon. This rumor sparked speculation about a potential partnership for their Thursday Night Football coverage.

However, this meeting isn’t unexpected, given the Philly star’s established connections with Amazon Prime. His documentary of the 2022-23 season was featured on the streaming platform. Besides that, the veteran’s cameo in the broadcast booth was also well-received during the 2023 season.

Nevertheless, Amazon isn’t the only player in the game. Kelce has also engaged in discussions with ESPN and Fox during Super Bowl week regarding potential broadcasting roles, via Eagles Wire. Even CBS and NBC have reportedly thrown their hats into the ring, recognizing the veteran’s potential as a charismatic analyst.

The frenzy surrounding the center’s broadcasting future intensified following reports suggesting a bidding war among broadcasters vying for his services. The source highlighted his adeptness at storytelling and his candid, opinionated demeanor as a perfect recipe for success in the broadcasting arena.

Jason Kelce’s natural charisma and wealth of football knowledge have also been evident in his popular podcast “New Heights,” co-hosted with his brother Travis. It made him an enticing prospect for networks seeking engaging talent.

Jason Kelce contemplates retirement

Jason Kelce finds himself at crossroads as retirement beckons. Speculation about his future intensified when ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the player’s intention to retire which he mentioned to his teammates following their playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But he has remained coy, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.

At the Pro Bowl in Orlando, a passionate fan implored him not to hang up his boots. The Philly star responded with a hint of possibility by indicating he might return in the upcoming season by saying, “I’m gonna try not to.”

However, the decision weighs heavily on his mind, as the footballer had recently revealed on the ‘Green Light with Chris Long’ podcast. He expressed a mix of emotions regarding retirement, describing it as both exciting and daunting.

“It is exciting to think about possibilities — it is exciting to be able to lose weight, feel good, and not physically fight for my life every day. I think it is also daunting. It is anxiety and at the end of the day, it is the unknown,” Jason said.

The vet also candidly acknowledged the inevitable sense of loss and the challenge of transitioning to a new chapter.

“No matter who you are or how well-prepared you are to enter the next stage, everybody goes through a level of depression. The end of one of the things you love most in your life is there, and you have to come to grips with that.”

Jason Kelce started his professional football career after getting selected as a sixth-round draft pick in 2011. He has been a starter in 193 games over his illustrious 13 seasons. The Eagles star is the fifth center in the league with at least six All-Pro selections. He had made his first Pro Bowl in 2014 while being named to the AP All-Pro team in six of the last seven seasons.


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