Is F1 and WRC returning to Turkey after FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem meeting with President Erdogan?

The Formula One industry is undergoing significant transformations, starting from rule adjustments to the inclusion of new Grand Prix locations. However, a surprising announcement from Mohammed Bin Sulayem caught the attention of many F1 enthusiasts.

Following the pandemic, the FIA boss has made a groundbreaking decision to reintroduce the Turkish Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar to further enrich cultural diversity within the sport.

Are F1 and WRC going to return to Turkey?

Turkey has been looking forward to holding the FIA Formula One World Championship and the FIA World Rally Championship in their country again to widen the experience of drivers. Due to this, on Sunday, Mohammed Bin Sulayem held an important meeting with President Erdogan of Turkey in the Mediterranean resort town of Marmaris.

The event was thoroughly organized by the Turkish rally champion and FIA World Motor Sport Council member Serkan Yazici and Eren Uclertopragi, the President of TOSFED, the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation.

After the meeting, expressing his satisfaction, Bin Sulayem stated, “It was a pleasure to meet with President Erdogan. Our talks centred on a range of topics, including the possibility of a return of Formula 1 and WRC to Turkey.”

Furthermore, describing the beauty of Istanbul, he proceeded to say, “Istanbul Park is a modern circuit that is popular with drivers. The city of Istanbul itself is a thriving metropolis that would welcome the return of Formula One with open arms. President Erdogan also recognises the importance of the economic and cultural impact that top-notch motorsports—Formula One and WRC—bring to the country.

Moreover, TOSFED, our member club in Turkey, has a wealth of experience in organising and managing major motorsport events. If the stars align, we could see a return of both world-class events to Turkey.”

Why did F1 leave Turkey?

Turkey has hosted the Formula One Grand Prix officially nine times, starting from 2005–11, in addition to the years 2020–2021 during the global pandemic to replace Singapore. However, on January 30, 2011, it was decided that Turkey would no longer host any Grand Prix events due to a lack of proper funding.

Apparently, at that time, the country was unable to host an expensive event as the profit margins were low too, along with the additional costs, resulting in a permanent disappearance from the Formula One industry until the pandemic occurred.

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