Is Gunther going to defend his Intercontinental title in Bash in Berlin? Exploring the possibility

Gunther has been unstoppable since winning the Intercontinental Championship last year. He went on to make history by becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, surpassing the 500-day mark a few days ago. He has successfully defended the title 71 times since winning the IC title and may even defend it at WWE Bash in Berlin next year.

On the June 10, 2022 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Gunther defeated Ricochet to capture the Intercontinental Championship. Little did the WWE Universe know at the time, they would be witnessing history being made, as The Ring General rose to popularity during his unstoppable title reign.

Is Gunther going to defend his IC title?

With about 71 successful title defenses and recently crossing the 500-day mark as IC champion, fans have been curious as to what’s next for Gunther, given that he has defeated almost entirety of the roster during his dominant title reign. His last in-ring match was against Chad Gable, and fans have been wanting to see The Ring General back in action.


WWE has recently announced the launch of a brand new Premium Live Event in Berlin, Germany starting next year. Although Gunther is an Austrian superstar, he does have some connections to Germany, as he began his career in German wrestling promotions. He reacted with joy to the news of WWE hosting a Premium Live Event titled ‘Bash’ in Berlin, which raises the question: Will fans have the opportunity to witness Der Ring General defend his title at Bash too?

As of now, it seems likely that the 36-year-old superstar will continue being the IC champion when Bash takes place next year. If that happens, it would be interesting to see Ludwig Kaiser, who is Gunther’s close friend and his stablemate, turn against The Ring General in his very hometown. But for now, there have been no official confirmations on the Austrian superstar defending his title at the event.

Gunther drops hints of appearing on Bash in Berlin

After WWE announced that they would be hosting a new Premium Live Event in Berlin, Germany on August 31, 2024, Gunther took to social media to celebrate the announcement. Some fans speculated that this might indicate his appearance at WWE Bash next year, given his history in German wrestling promotions.

He has also shared pictures of himself in Germany, which led fans to believe that there might be a chance that he may even be defending his IC title at Bash next year. Some even explored the possibility of Gunther’s stablemate, Ludwig Kaiser possibly facing off against him in his hometown. It would definitely make for an epic rivalry between the two friends.

As of now there have been no further confirmations on the matter. We will need to wait and see if Gunther does end up appearing at WWE Bash next year. Stay tuned for further updates.


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