Is Lewis Hamilton planning to become a father? Exploring his recent relationship rumors

Lewis Hamilton has been generating considerable media buzz, not just for his exceptional skills but also due to persistent rumours surrounding his relationships with well-known celebrities.

Recently, Lewis Hamilton shared insights into his personal life, addressing questions about his love life and priorities, providing viewers with a better understanding of his perspective on living his ideal life.

Does Lewis Hamilton want kids?

Since 2015, after Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger parted ways with each other, the British driver has been linked to several dating rumours, including Colombian celebrity Shakira and, more recently, Brazilian model Juliana Nalu. Despite no official reaction from the World Champion, the rumors have persisted.

Previously, Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were rumored to be dating, but those speculations ended, with both denying the claims. Rumors suggested that their breakup was fueled by the seven-time World Champion’s alleged lack of interest in having children with the pop star.

Hamilton claims that he already has a lot of other responsibilities like taking care of his bulldog, Roscoe, and spending time with his nephew and niece. Although the Mercedes driver has shown his admiration for children repeatedly on screen, he has firmly declared that currently, his sole focus is on his driving career until he retires. It takes a lot of focus and dedication to raise a child, and Hamilton is evidently not fully committed to reaching that goal yet.

However, the 39-year-old has also elaborated that when he is finally ready to have kids, he will strongly devote his time to be like his father one day. He said, “My dream is to be a father like my dad one day, but better. Just as he wanted to be like his father one day, but a better version of him. I want to carry on the Hamilton name and make him proud.”

Irina Shayk and Lewis Hamilton: Are they dating?

In Paris, another wave of rising dating speculations was initiated after Russian Model Irina Shayk and Hamilton were spotted dining together in the romantic city. This was after Irina spent four days with retired NFL star Tom Brady in New York, which has perplexed the spectators even more.

A friend of Irina has personally stated, clearing up the rumours, that the duo has had merely a great friendly bond for over 13 years without being involved romantically. “Irina and Lewis have been friends for years! Nothing is happening,” said the correspondent.

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