Is Luis Suarez going to reunite with Lionel Messi and ex-Barcelona teammates at Inter Miami? Exploring the possibility

Luis Suarez could soon reunite with his friend and former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi. Messi’s move to Inter Miami ranks as one of the MLS’s most significant and historic transfers, bringing considerable coverage and revenue to both the club and the league.

His arrival has also enticed former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba to join the ranks at Inter Miami. It appears that David Beckham’s team is now eager to bring in yet another former Barcelona player.

Is Luis Suarez coming to Inter Miami?

After missing the MLS Playoff spots, Inter Miami is looking to build their team to compete again for the next season. The club is now looking to partner a top striker with Lionel Messi in the frontline.

Luis Suarez is therefore a perfect option, considering he was one of the greatest strikers in the last decade and also played with Messi, Busquets, and Alba previously at Barcelona. The four won the Champions League and four La Liga trophies during their time together.

Inter Miami manager Tata Martino has also now confirmed that they plan to bring in the two-time Golden Boot winner to the MLS. He said in the press conference to journalists, “Within our analysis of the upcoming season and the needs we may have, we have an analysis with Luis and an analysis without Luis.”

Luis Suarez

“So when the moment arrives to make Suarez’s situation with respect to Inter Miami official, we’ll be prepared to go in the corresponding direction.”

Suarez and Messi share a particularly close friendship, frequently spending time together. Their wives also maintain contact. Suarez’s connection with the David Beckham-owned club started when Messi joined the team. However, the Uruguayan striker is presently under contract with the Brazilian club Gremio, and they have refused to terminate his contract. Miami desires to bring him in but hesitates to pay a transfer fee.

The 36-year-old holds significant importance, with 18 goals in 42 games. Nevertheless, he reportedly intends to depart the club when his contract concludes this December. Upon its expiration, he can join his former teammates at Inter Miami, completing another element of the Barcelona equation.

Jordi Alba provides update on Luis Suarez

And now Jordi Alba himself has spoken of the potential reunion with Luis Suarez in Miami. Having had a successful time at Barcelona together, the 34-year-old left-back wants to see Suarez at his club.

The Spaniard spoke to reporters regarding the potential reunion, saying, “I wish he could come, I have always said that I want to play with the best and for me, Luis is a great player.”

“I have been lucky to share many moments with him both on and off the field; he is a great friend of mine and I would love for him to come, but it is not a decision that I can make. I hope that he can come and it would surely help us a lot.”

Considering Suarez himself previously said he wants to retire with Messi and the prospect of playing with other former teammates in a city like Miami, the move may be confirmed in January itself. However, other issues, such as the wage cap, must also be solved. It is up to David Beckham and co-owner Jorge Mas to bring in another great player to the rising team.

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