Is Tottenham going to be penalized with point deduction after FA reportedly investigated Jermain Defoe’s transfer to Portsmouth?

Soccer is often a sport where rules and regulations are broken, though many are only revealed later. Clubs like Barcelona, Manchester City and Chelsea are facing allegations, while Everton have already been handed a points deduction.

It seems that now Tottenham has joined the long list of clubs that are being investigated for alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play rules. It is related to a deed done long ago and the punishment could be severe for the title-chasing team.

Is Tottenham going to be punished by FA

Tottenham are now being investigated for a transfer that was done back in 2008. It is the transfer of former English striker Jermain Defoe from the Spurs to Portsmouth. Apparently, there are irregularities in the agent fees and it has prompted an investigation after an article from The Times was published.

It is certainly not the first time this has happened, especially not in the Premier League. And even the clubs that broke the rules were subjected to punishment. Luton Town were punished with a 10-point deduction and a very heavy fine back in 2008, the very same year Tottenham are alleged to have done a similar deed. Former Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino was even banned from the sport for a year following a similar crime.

There are many rules regarding agents and their fees in soccer, which is a common thing nowadays. The FA has been strict about the rules and the punishment of breaking them, which vary much. The most common punishment is a points deduction or transfer ban along with heavy fines, but relegation is also possible.

Everton were recently given a 10 points deduction, and it seems that Tottenham could also likely face a similar charge. This would seriously hamper their title race, with the Hotspurs 4th in the Premier League table.

Details on Jermain Defoe’s transfers to Portsmouth

Jermain Defoe was an English striker playing for Tottenham in 2008. He was then transferred to Portsmouth, who paid €9.30 million for him. But apparently, the club broke agent rules in the transfer.

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The agent that oversaw the deal was Mitchell Thomas, who was an unlicensed agent. According to the rules of the FA at the time, unlicensed agents were totally prohibited, as there was a chance of financial misdeeds and tax fraud.

Apparently, the case was actually investigated by an independent panel back in 2008, which was not involved with the FA, the official soccer governing board of England. Due to recent revelations, they have promised to investigate the case again if new evidence appears.

With a recent crackdown on such allegations by the FA, Tottenham have to prepare themselves for a heavy punishment soon.

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