Isiah Thomas denies Michael Jordan rivalry, points to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

Isiah Thomas has had one exceptional career in the NBA, while playing in the era of NBA GOAT Michael Jordan. To many, there had been a rivalry between the two greats of the time and Isiah Thomas recently went on to open up about it during his surprise visit to Seton Hall University.

The visit of Isiah Thomas to Seton Hall University gave the students and the entire management staff the rare privilege to hear from the legend himself, who went on to clear the air about a perceived rivalry that never existed between two legends of the game.

Isiah Thomas reveals surprising take on Michael Jordan rivalry

Isiah Thomas, the legendary NBA player, and businessman per excellent, shared a surprising perspective on his rivalry with Michael Jordan during a recent appearance at a college campus. He revealed that he wasn’t aware of a significant rivalry with Jordan. He said that his primary competitors during his career were Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

In response to Jordan’s sentiments as revealed in “The Last Dance,” Thomas expressed his astonishment, saying, “I never knew Michael Jordan felt the way about me until The Last Dance… He comes on television and says, ‘I hate you.'”

Isiah Thomas

Thomas had always considered Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as his primary rivals during his prime, given that his career spanned the early ’80s, before Jordan’s first NBA Finals appearance. He expressed his shock upon learning that Jordan harbored strong negative feelings towards him. In Thomas’ view, he was more focused on competing with the likes of Johnson, Bird, and other renowned players of his time.

What is Isaiah Thomas’s record against Michael Jordan?

With Isaiah Thomas playing for the Detroit Pistons and Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls, the head-to-head record against each other during their respective NBA careers reveals a competitive rivalry. Over 43 matchups, Thomas secured 24 victories while Jordan emerged victorious 19 times, giving Thomas a winning percentage of .558 in their encounters.

Isiah Thomas

Their battles on the basketball court were intense and showcased the remarkable skills of both players. Isiah Thomas, known for his incredible speed and playmaking abilities, often went head-to-head with Michael Jordan, renowned for his scoring prowess and competitiveness. These matchups became a highlight of the NBA during their era.

Thomas’ record against Jordan reflects not only his individual skills but also his leadership on the court, as he often led his teams to victories over Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. This head-to-head history adds depth to the legacy of both players and contributes to the rich history of NBA rivalries.

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