“I’ve never seen a guy like him”: Shaquille O’Neal ranks Stephen Curry above him with Michael Jordan and LeBron James as GOAT

Stephen Curry’s unceasing shooting prowess and matchup dominance have continued to place him in the GOAT debate in the league. Curry, while remaining evergreen with his on-court performances, hasn’t only garnered remarkable awards and accolades but the respect of even the league’s biggest names.

In the wake of Curry’s prowess, admiration and commendation, the former NBA star with four championships has boldly favored Curry in the GOAT’s debate, amid the Golden State Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr’s response to the claim.

Shaq places Stephen Curry in elite GOAT company

Following Stephen Curry’s virtuoso shooting display against the Boston Celtics recently, former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal has wondered if it’s time to put the Warriors’ star in the greatest of all-time conversation. In a recent game against the Celtics, Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a 132-126 victory with an incredible 3-pointer, followed by his signature “night, night” celebration.

Shaquille said "I've never seen a guy like him", amid ranking Stephen Curry above him with Michael Jordan and LeBron James as GOAT after the matchup against the Boston Celtics.
Stephen Curry Via Getty

During the NBA show, Shaquille brought up the idea of Curry being in the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) discussion with his co-hosts. Shaq emphatically declared, “I’m wondering, not saying, I’m just wondering because he’s constantly the best shooter his whole career. I’m wondering is it time to start putting him as the best player of all time?”

Meanwhile, when co-host Kenny Smith questioned Shaq if he would put Curry over himself, Shaq boldly answered yes. Shaq also said, “Yes, way better. Yes, that’s why he’s my favorite player. I played for 20 years and watched 20 years before that; I’ve never seen a guy like him. And he’s doing it consistently, and he has the championships…I’m not putting him anywhere. I’m saying, okay, you know, for all the chitter chatter, is it time to just put him in the conversation?”

Furthermore, Kenny Smith argued with Shaq, stating that while Curry may be included in the GOAT debate, he disagrees that Curry has the same ability as Jordan, Lebron, and Shaquille to affect a matchup in different areas. Interestingly, Shaq refused to align with Smith and insisted that Curry was good enough.

Additionally, Shaq went on to deliver his list of GOAT candidates, which included Jordan, LeBron, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bryant. Once again, Shaq informed Smith that, after the four players mentioned, he placed Curry as the fifth man in the debate.

Steve Kerr responds to Shaquille O’Neal’s GOAT claim for Curry

It’s quite obvious that Steph Curry has cemented his spot as one of the league’s all-time greats, due to his awesome shooting prowess and remarkable accolades. Per Curry’s impressiveness, Shaq recently placed him in the GOAT debate, and even above himself while placing him in the same category as LeBron and Jordan. 

Shaquille said "I've never seen a guy like him", amid ranking Stephen Curry above him with Michael Jordan and LeBron James as GOAT after the matchup against the Boston Celtics.
Stephen Curry Via Getty

However, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has welcomed Shaq’s remarks and also added his view of the star player. Steve Kerr said, “Love that, I think the argument that maybe isn’t even an argument is the most skilled player of all time” Kerr concluded by saying he “just look at Steph as the most skilled basketball player I’ve ever seen.”

Meanwhile, while Steve Kerr aligned with Shaquille’s sentiment, he also highlighted one aspect that Curry leads, which in his view, is undebatable. Tagged as the all-time most skillful player by his coach. Kerr’s view points out that if the Warriors’ star Curry, can’t be victorious in the GOAT debate, the coach believes that no one can defeat Stephen Curry in terms of skills.

Stephen Curry’s season has been exceptional, as he delivers unending outrageous figures on the court. In 25 games of play, Curry has averaged 28.2 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists with 33.9 minutes of playtime this season.

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