Iyo Sky discloses her distressed actions following the loss of personal possession

Iyo Sky is a WWE superstar who is known for her captivating performances. However, even she is not immune to difficulties in life. Recently, Sky became the victim of a pickpocket incident while shopping for costumes in Japan.

The WWE Women’s Champion has appealed to her fans for help as she has been pickpocketed. She was not present during the Elimination Chamber event and was in Japan to buy costumes. At around 1 PM, she discovered that her phone was missing, although she had it with her a few minutes before.

Iyo Sky opens up about pickpocketing incident

Sky wasn’t part of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 event and had gone shopping in Japan. According to her recent tweet, she realized that she had lost her Japanese smartphone in Shinjuku around 1 p.m. She had both an American and a Japanese phone, and unfortunately, the latter was the one that was lost.

“[I lost my iPhone. ] I’m currently in Japan to purchase costumes. Around 1 pm yesterday, I realized that I had lost my iPhone while shopping at a department store in Shinjuku. It was definitely in my hands at least 2,30 minutes before that. I have two smartphones, one from Japan and one from the United States, so I immediately used my American smartphone to call my number, but it was turned off. (The one I lost was a Japanese smartphone)” wrote Iyo Sky.

When Sky tried calling the phone, she found that it was turned off. On tracking it, she discovered that it had remained in a large building in Shinjuku for 30 minutes and then started moving around in the evening, indicating a possible theft. The location was traced to a residential area in Shinjuku.

“When I tracked it using the search function, I found that it stayed somewhere in a large building in Shinjuku for a while 30 minutes after it was lost, then started moving around evening, and since last night it has been staying in a residential area in Tokyo. It seems there is”. wrote Iyo Sky.

She made several attempts to call her phone after losing track of it, but it was turned off despite having an 80% charge. She activated the lost mode and notified the department stores, the building management, and the police. She also expressed her distress to her fans and sought their assistance. This was the first time such an incident had occurred, and she posted about it, requesting help from her followers.

“I immediately put my iPhone in lost mode, and my contact information is written in case I find it. I could see it if I turned it on 😭. I have made many calls since I lost it, but it was probably turned off the whole time At the time of loss, it had more than 80% charge left I filed a loss report with all the department stores I shopped at, the building I shopped at, and the police. If you know how to deal with cases like this or have done it before, please let me know 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♂️” wrote Iyo Sky.

Iyo Sky breaks character to thank the fans

Iyo Sky, a member of the stable Damage CTRL, recently lost her phone but was able to purchase a new one. She expressed her gratitude towards her fans for their heartwarming responses to her previous tweet. Overwhelmed with joy, she took to her official Twitter account to thank them in a new tweet.

“After taking everyone’s comments into account, I unfortunately realized that it would be difficult to track the information any further, so I decided to purchase a new smartphone with thorough security measures and procedures. Thank you everyone for your kind advice and support!! Please be careful not to lose your valuables! “

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