Jake Paul snubs AnEsonGib from his top 3 crossover boxers ft. Slim, Deen and Anthony Taylor

Social media star turned crossover boxer, Jake Paul, has been creating a stir in the professional boxing circuit. With his sole loss to Tommy Fury, Paul boasts significant victories against Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva, and Nate Diaz.

Alongside his older brother Logan and British influencer KSI, Jake Paul popularized crossover boxing, inspiring influencers like AnEsonGib, Slim, Deen, and Anthony Taylor to follow suit. Paul recently disclosed his current top 3 crossover boxers, sparking controversy.

Jake Paul picks his top 3 crossover boxers snubbing AnEsonGib

Jake Paul recently revealed via X his pick for the top 3 crossover boxers and it garnered controversy as he snubbed AnEsonGib, his first opponent in crossover boxing. “Gib got dropped in a round before I even knew what I was doing,” tweeted Paul, who referenced their boxing match, which ended in the first round in favor of Paul.

“Slim 1, Deen 2, Anthony Taylor 3,” Paul further tweeted naming his top 3 crossover boxers. Ranked at number 3 on the list, Anthony Taylor holds a 2-3 record and has faced Tommy Fury. However, Taylor’s most recent bout was against Kenny Ojuederie in an exhibition boxing match, where he secured a victory via unanimous decision.

Ranked at number 2 on the list, Deen the Great, is undefeated in the crossover boxing circuit. In his most recent fight, Walid Sharks was defeated by Deen via unanimous decision. The fight was a rematch of the fight Deen had won by TKO.

Ranked at number 1 on the list, Slim Albaher, is also undefeated in crossover boxing with 5 finishes in 7 fights. Slim has been angling for a fight with KSI but Mams Taylor has confirmed that the fight is unlikely to happen.

AnEsonGib calls out Jake Paul for his sneaky jab

Jake Paul’s sneaky jab on his former opponent AnEsonGib did not go unnoticed by Gib. He expressed his displeasure with a tweet on his official X account. “Congrats on beating a 160 pounder at the 200lb weight class,” tweeted Gib, referencing their fight where Gib fought at a higher weight class.

“If you faced me in my weight class today I’d turn you into a YouTube Boxing horror story,” Gib sent a stern warning to Jake Paul by alluding that the only reason he lost the fight was due to the apparent weight disparity.

Gib has only lost to Paul in the crossover boxing and is presently on a 4 fight-win streak, 3 in exhibition boxing and 1 in professional boxing. In his last fight, GI defeated Jarvis Khattri via unanimous decision.

Nonetheless, Jake Paul has all but said goodbye to crossover boxing as he is focusing on mainstream professional boxing. He recently defeated Andre August and is scheduled to face Ryan Bourland next.

What do you think of Jake Paul’s list of top 3 crossover boxers? Leave your thoughts below!


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