Jake Paul’s unfiltered yet unapologetic response to KSI’s critique on Mike Tyson fight: “Who’s a b**ch now?”

Jake Paul is scheduled to fight Mike Tyson on July 20, 2024, and it has made all the headlines recently. The boxing community has been very skeptical of the fight, particularly as Tyson is more than twice the age of the YouTuber turned boxer.

Dana White, the CEO of the UFC, was very critical of the booking of the fight, and Eddie Hearn, the Matchroom boxing promoter, expressed sadness at the fight. Conor McGregor stated that the fight and the timing of it did not make any sense. KSI had also bashed the fight, but this time Jake Paul has responded to his comments.

Jake Paul claps back at KSI’s criticism on his Mike Tyson fight

In addition to the criticism from the combat sports community, Jake Paul was also criticized by KSI, his longtime rival and business partner of his older brother, Logan. KSI, in his recent appearance on the ImPaulsive podcast, said, “Honestly I just think its sad bro. I think it’s super sad. I don’t know why Jake took it, it’s a lose lose,” and went on to state that even if Paul wins it would not be credible.

Paul clapped back at KSI in his appearance on the live stream of Adin Ross, another rival of the British influencer. “You want to know the difference between Mike Tyson and KSI? Mike will actually fight me,” said Paul who went off at KSI who had allegedly refused to box Paul in boxing ring on multiple occasions.

Paul went on to state that he is on a contrasting journey than KSI, whom he accused of being ‘fat’ and doing ‘FIFA reaction videos’ at 30. In contrast, Paul argued that he was changing the face of boxing. The youngest Paul brother also alluded that KSI is jealous of other people’s success which is something that Adin Ross agreed.

Ross was supposed to livestream fights on his Kick channel, but he believes that KSI snitched on him and caused legal hurdles for the fight to happen. Bryce Hall was interested in fighting for Ross if Dillon Danis was the opponent. However, Deen the Great was faced with a lawsuit as he expressed interest in fighting for Ross.

Jake Paul’s MVP exposes KSI footage showing his hypocrisy

Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions recently uploaded a video on social media that showed the double standards of KSI. The first half of the video showed KSI admitting that he would not defeat Mike Tyson and that his callout was a mistake, but in the second, KSI critiqued Jake Paul for taking the fight which was an easy win for him.

“I thought, ‘Hey, I could take on Mike Tyson. You know what?’ And then I woke up the next day and realized the mistake I’ve made. Yeah, I really actually don’t think I can beat Mike Tyson,” KSI said in the video of his chances at defeating Mike Tyson which was the polar opposite of his views about Tyson in his latest appearance on the ImPaulsive podcast.

Even though KSI is a close friend of Logan Paul, he has always been at odds with Jake Paul against whom he never fought inside the ring. Nonetheless, both Paul and KSI have become big PPV stars, particularly in crossover boxing.

MVP, the promotion of Jake Paul, and KSI’s Misfits Boxing have been at the forefront of crossover boxing. However, MVP has shifted focus to professional boxing, leaving Misfits at the top of the crossover boxing circuit.

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