Jalen Carter discusses the almost genius play he executed to intercept Patrick Mahomes during Eagles vs Chiefs clash

Even before the season began, Jalen Carter, a rookie defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, was widely regarded as the greatest defensive player selected in the draft. He has given the high-flying Eagles defense more punch than any other rookie defensive player, as he gets the greatest grade among all rookies.

To keep his team ahead of the competition, the rookie player put forward a different combination of prowess in almost all games. Among them, the latest one that he exercised on Kansas City Chiefs starter Patrick Mahomes was a marvelous one.

 Jalen Carter talks on his genius attempt to intercept Patrick Mahomes

During the Week 11 game against the defending Super Bowl champion, the whole Eagles squad took the field with a motive to halt the Chiefs’ winning streak and stretch their own one. While the offensive lineup took the responsibility to score, the defensive lineup was ready to create barriers for Mahomes’ offense.

A four-yard pass from Mahomes to Jerick McKinnon placed the Chiefs in field goal range early in the first half of play. The Eagles defensive linemen stretched out to pick off the spike in an attempt to surprise them as they rushed up to spike the ball and delay the time.

But according to SI.com, the Chiefs starter set up Harrison Butker for a 43-yard field goal try, which he made to make the score 17-7 at the half.Though Carter was not successful in his attempt, he was bold enough to reveal it following their game-winning night.

“I saw it on the internet. Some high school kid tried it and he actually caught the ball.”

Most of the time, the defense doesn’t try to make a play on those spikes. Though he could not succeed in doing that, the rookie player’s effort was surely noteworthy. The dive will be a memorable one for the Eagles rookie as his rookie season’s memories after his controversial flop during the Miami Dolphins showdown, though flopping is unwelcome on the NFL field.

Eagles beat Chiefs

The 7-2 Chiefs’ battle with the 8-2 Eagles was enough to assume a thrilling showdown. Both of the teams were hungry to close the night with another win.  But the Eagles defense shone brightest on this night, helping them to hold their supremacy with 9-1 standings, the highest of all NFL teams this season.

On Monday night, the Eagles’ defense did not allow a point to be scored in the second half after ending the first quarter with a 7-7 tie. The team, which recently released 51-year-old Bernard Williams, only managed two scoring drives in the second half. 

However, the Eagles quickly cut into the Chiefs’ lead, finishing the third quarter with a 17–14 score on the board after trailing the Chiefs by 10 points at the end of the second quarter.

Then their quarterback, Jalen Hurts, moonlighted as a hero, scoring his second touchdown with 6:30 left on the clock. Not only did it give the Eagles the first lead but it also paved the way to outrun the Chiefs after Marquez Valdez-Scantling dropped a must-caught touchdown pass from Mahomes with just under two minutes left.

The high-flying Eagles will square off the Buffalo Bills in Week 12 with the motive of another enchanting win. What are your predictions regarding Jalen Carter’s team’s upcoming contest? Tell us in the comments section.

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