Jalen Hurts reflects on Jason Kelce’s departure and Eagles’ future

The preseason kicked off with the Philadelphia Eagles facing a significant change as Jason Kelce bid farewell to his playing days. For quarterback Jalen Hurts, it is a huge blow, as Kelce has been a leading force behind the success of the “tush push.”

Hurts expressed the sentiment that Kelce is irreplaceable and highlighted his immense contributions to the team over the years.

“I don’t think you can replace a guy like that, but I think we got special guys here. I think we’re going to get guys that have that sense of culture and mentality about themselves and that are truly hungry to go out there and go do great things; you know coming from the UOs and Alabama’s,” Hurts said.

Instead of seeking a direct replacement for Kelce, Hurts highlighted the importance of nurturing young talents at the collegiate level.

“You kind of look at where these guys have come from, where my teammates have come from; they come from places rich in mentality, culture and winning; so um that’s what it’s all about you know. You can get a group of like-minded men together chasing the same goals and chasing the same things and ultimately putting the work in special things.”

Kelce’s retirement marks the end of an era, with his remarkable achievements leaving an enduring legacy. As one of the few players to retire with multiple First Team All-Pro selections and Pro Bowl appearances, the center’s influence transcends the field. His life after retirement is also going pretty well.

What is Jason Kelce doing after his retirement?

Jason Kelce seems to be embracing a variety of pursuits after retiring from professional football Spending time with family appears to be a priority for him, as seen in his outings with his wife and children. He was also seen driving around his teammates in retirement. The football prodigy’s ex-teammate, Beau Allen shared a photo of himself being chauffeured around by the former center.

Kelce recently graced the “Lombaby” Games event at his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, where he lost his sole Super Bowl ring. He continues to engage with fans through his New Heights podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother, Travis Kelce. His post-retirement activities hint at potential ventures in the media industry. Reports suggest that television networks covering the NFL are eyeing him for roles, possibly in their pregame shows. The veteran’s charisma and knowledge of the game could make him a compelling addition to sports broadcasting.

The ex-Eagles star’s recent appearance at WrestleMania 40 has stirred up excitement among fans. Teaming up with fellow player Lane Johnson, he made a memorable cameo and injected some gridiron intensity into the wrestling ring.


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