Jason Kelce claims National TE Day is a ‘b*llshit’ holiday, urges NFL fans not to be sidetracked by Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, George Kittle

Since being enrolled in the Philadelphia Eagles squad, Jason Kelce has established himself as a reliable weapon in the team. He hasn’t missed a start since the 2014 NFL season and has made his 146th straight regular season start against the Miami Dolphins lately.

The Eagles handed a 17-31 loss to the Dolphins, and Kelce played his part well on in the run. Besides the on-field contest, the center also makes headlines for his hilarious fun banter with his brother and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Recently, one of his banters with the Chiefs star regarding a national day made fans burst into laughter.

What is National TE Day?

The NFL celebrates the fourth Sunday of October as “National Tight Ends Day” in honor of the players in the TE position. Back in the 2018 season, the San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle, who recently sparked controversy by flashing an NSFW jersey, invented the NFL holiday. In the Week 2 game against the Detroit Lions, the veteran had a microphone on him when Garrett Celek scored a touchdown. He celebrated that from the sideline while saying it was National Tight Ends Day.

The NFL also decided to celebrate the day and make posts commemorating the best player in the spot. They even put together a rap song featuring some of the best TEs in the league and gave out “National Tight Ends Day” shirts.

On this year’s TE Day, Kittle traveled to Minnesota to take on another elite TE T.J. Hockenson of the Vikings while he faced off against Kelce on last season’s occasion.

Jason Kelce weighs in on National TE Day

Travis Kelce earlier said he expects Taylor Swift to be at the Chiefs game against the Chargers at 4:25 p.m. ET. This might be a memorable moment for him to celebrate National TE Day. However, Jason, being strongly against this holiday, took to X to cite the occasion as “bullshit”.

“Do not let Travis’s beautiful face, your love for Taylor Swift, or how unbelievably cool George Kittle is, distract you from the fact that this holiday is bullshit!!”

In a recent episode of his New Hight podcast, the vet said apart from being a National TE Day, Oct. 22 also is also a “National Nut Day, International Caps Lock Day, National Anna Day, National Diego Day, and National Make a Dog’s Day.”

Seeing his frustration regarding the day, Travis even suggested a ‘National Center’s Day’ or maybe even a ‘National Jason’s Day’. However, the Philly star brushed off the idea as well and said he would surely boycott that day.

Do you enjoy the TE Day? Or do you think that it is a lame occasion like Jason’s? Tell us in the comments.


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