Jason Kelce opens up on Eagles’ recent slide after third consecutive loss: “This is stupid”

Among the NFL’s brotherly duos, Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce have not only dazzled fans with their on-field prowess but have also etched a place in supporters’ hearts with their shared light-hearted banter. However, the dynamic duo now faces a challenging period as both the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles grapple with consecutive losses, turning their seasons into a bit of a nightmare.

Specifically, the Eagles find themselves on a continuous losing streak, with their latest defeat coming at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. The Eagles’ center didn’t shy away from addressing the team’s struggles on his podcast, providing candid insights into the recent challenges the team is witnessing.

Jason Kelce gets candid about team’s struggles

The Monday night matchup against the Seattle Seahawks had its share of drama, and a critical false-start penalty in the second quarter became a turning point in the closely contested game. The penalty, attributed to Jason Kelce, occurred on Seattle’s three-yard line, derailing a potential first-down opportunity and drawing attention to the Eagles’ issues with discipline.

On his podcast, “New Heights,” co-hosted with his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce didn’t shy away from addressing the team’s recent struggles. He acknowledged the talent on the Eagles’ roster and praised the coaching staff, but emphasized that something isn’t clicking for the team at the moment.

“I’ve said this the last three weeks, and I still think so, I think we have great players, I really do. I think we have great coaches. It’s just not clicking right now.”

Despite being previously criticized by Jason Whitlock for the Eagles’ “mediocre” season, Kelce took responsibility for the false start and pointed to a broader issue of discipline within the team. He acknowledged a lack of execution, especially in crucial moments of the game, and admitted that the team hadn’t been disciplined enough.

“Myself included, we have not been disciplined enough. We haven’t executed, especially in crucial moments of the game.”

Jason Kelce, who recently hinted at his retirement, reflected on the team’s journey from a 10-1 start to their current 10-4 record, describing the shift as “stupid” and expressing frustration with the team’s loss of consistency. He emphasized the importance of playing smart football and believes the team needs to regain its balance, especially as they head into the crucial postseason.

“When we were 10–1, we were just collectively operating on a much more consistent situationally aware smart football team. This is not smart, this is stupid. Losing sucks, but I know we’re a hell of a lot better than what we’ve been showing on tape.”

Nevertheless, a crushing 42-19 defeat inflicted by the San Francisco 49ers marked the beginning of a challenging three-week period for the Eagles. It is now imperative for the team to conclude the season strongly, greatly influencing their prospects of securing an advantageous position for the postseason.

The Eagles commenced the season with an impressive 10-1 record, boasting the best performance in the NFL. However, the team’s current standing is 10-4, holding the NFC’s No. 5 playoff seed.

Travis and Jason Kelce spill the beans on water bottle rituals

During their podcast, the Kelce brothers found themselves in an unexpected yet entertaining discussion about the practice of trainers squirting water into players’ mouths during timeouts. The origin of this conversation was a fan’s curiosity about why players opt for this method rather than taking a sip on their own.

Describing the fan’s question as both “dumb” and “good,” the brothers embraced the opportunity to break down the nuances of this seemingly mundane aspect of the game. Travis Kelce, the Chiefs tight end, and Jason Kelce, the Eagles’ center, provided unique perspectives on the ritual and why they find it more convenient than the traditional method of drinking water from a bottle.

“Somebody comes up to me with it, already like right here and all they got to do is just go around from person to person and just like do you want one. I can shoot you real quick and it’s like it’s easier than handing the bottle and handling it,” Travis explained.

“It may not be that much easier, but I will say it’s convenient,” Jason Kelce echoed his brother’s take on the matter.

In their lighthearted banter, the Kelce brothers shed light on the convenience and efficiency they find in having trainers squirt water directly into their mouths. The quick and seamless process, according to them, builds trust among the players and allows for a swift and efficient hydration routine during high-pressure moments.

While they relish the efficiency of the water-squirting method, the brothers later humorously touch on the potential pitfalls and mishaps that can occur during these moments.

Amidst the laughs and revelations about water bottle rituals, the Eagles, led by Jason Kelce, will be seeking their first win since November as they face the Giants on Monday. 

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