Jason Kelce Retirement: Eagles’ center hangs his boots after 13 incredible NFL seasons

The Philadelphia Eagles were praised for their dominance early in the season as they surged to a league-leading 10-1 record. The team’s successful ascension, however, came to a sudden halt when they lost six of their last seven games under Jason Kelce’s leadership.

The playoff scenario offered a glimmer of hope for them to revive their former glory, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ruthlessly shattered those aspirations with a commanding 32-9 victory. While Eagles fans struggle with the aftermath of this devastating loss, an unexpected revelation has come to light regarding the illustrious tenure of the Eagles’ veteran center in the NFL.

Jason Kelce intends to retire from NFL after 13 seasons

NFL insider Adam Schefter broke the news about Jason Kelce contemplating retirement, revealing that the Eagles player hinted at it in the locker room after the team’s devastating loss to the Bucs. This isn’t the first time Kelce has considered retiring, as he had expressed similar thoughts in previous off-seasons.

On “The NFL Report” podcast, he openly discussed the possibility but ultimately decided to play in the current NFL season. Before the Eagles’ playoff game, Kelce once again acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding retirement, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of such a decision, especially in the context of the challenges that come with aging in a professional football career.

While his previous discussions may have left room for speculation, the current scenario indicates that retirement is now a genuine consideration.

Following the Eagles’ loss to the Bucs, Kelce’s visible frustration at the end of the game spoke volumes. With teary eyes, he walked back to the locker room. He was clearly disappointed and reflective of the pain that comes with falling short of securing the Super Bowl for the second consecutive season. In the post-game locker room, Kelce declined to engage with reporters, stating, “No guys, not today.”

He has left an indelible mark indeed, yet the prospect of his retirement after such a challenging defeat is undoubtedly a bitter pill for fans to swallow.

Exploring Jason Kelce’s Incredible NFL career

Since entering the NFL as a sixth-round draft pick in 2011 with the Eagles, Jason Kelce, who claimed national TE Day as “bullshit,” has evolved into a cornerstone for the team, playing his entire illustrious 13-year career with the franchise. His journey has seen him participate in an impressive 193 out of 211 regular-season games.

As a seven-time Pro Bowler, he has been a key leader for the Eagles. He contributed to the team’s success with six postseason appearances and two Super Bowl trips in the last seven seasons.

His leadership was instrumental in the Eagles securing their first-ever Super Bowl victory in 2018, triumphing over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Last season, Kelce’s outstanding performance earned him a one-year, $14.25 million deal, making him the highest-paid center in the NFL.

Meanwhile, his legacy as the fifth center in NFL history with at least six All-Pro selections places him in an elite group alongside Hall of Famers such as Jim Otto, Bulldog Turner, Dermontti Dawson, and Jim Ringo, per ESPN.

While these legends have earned their place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Kelce is poised to become eligible for induction in 2029, further solidifying his status as one of the game’s all-time greats.

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