Jay Williams puts question mark over Stephen Curry’s leadership with latest revelation

The Golden State Warriors are hanging by a thread in their pursuit of post-season action. Stephen Curry and Co. know their sticky situation and are fighting for survival in each game, with the regular season ending soon.

Against the Orlando Magic, the Warriors’ game plan went out of the window when Draymond Green was ejected. Despite pulling up the team with his brilliance on the court and leading the team to victory, Stephen Curry’s leadership is being scrutinized after Draymond Green’s incident.

Jay Williams’ statement puts Stephen Curry’s leadership in doubt

ESPN’s Jay Williams has claimed to have received messages from “high-level people” questioning the leadership of the Golden State Warriors guard. On “First Take”, the host said “I’m getting texts from people that I really value their decision, high-level people, and what these texts are reading is, ‘Well, how about the leadership of Steph Curry?’ That’s where these conversations are going”.

These discussions arose following Draymond Green’s ejection, which made Curry emotional. Green was ruled out within four minutes of the game after receiving two technical fouls and abusing the game official. Curry was spotted weeping for losing a valuable player like the 34-year-old; however, the 3-pointer specialist took matters into his own hands and led the team to a 101-93 victory, securing their tenth spot on the Western table.

The former DPOY winner was ejected for the fourth time this season and according to the former NBA player, Williams, Curry is being called out for having no control over Green’s action. Having known Curry well and how competitive he is, Williams added, “Draymond Green is diminishing the ultimate legacy of how people are looking at the leadership of Stephen Curry.” However, there are some who came in Curry’s defense.

NBA analyst believes Stephen Curry not defending Draymond Green

In an episode of “First Things First,” Nick Wright expressed his annoyance over Draymond Green’s action but came in support of Stephen Curry in the conversation.

While discussing the topic, the sports analyst said that he had seen a post earlier on X (formerly Twitter) which he agrees with, where Green is referred to as a cousin who has been sent behind bars multiple times. “[Warriors] are not defending him. [Steve] Kerr is not defending him. Steph [Curry] is not defending him” added Wright.

The Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, also backed Steph by saying that he is not liable for Green’s actions. The HC said, “Draymond knows he’s a grown man. He’s got to handle his own business. Any mention of Steph being culpable is just ridiculous. The way Steph has carried our franchise represented our franchise for 15 years. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

With the regular season rapidly coming to an end, Stephen Curry needs to buckle up and lead his team to the post-season tournament to prove his critics wrong.

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