Jets QB Trevor Siemian accidentally strikes cameraman with terrible pass in victory against Commanders

With Aaron Rodgers sidelined due to a season-ending Achilles injury, Zach Wilson stepped in for the Jets, but his concussion opened the door for the newly acquired Trevor Siemian. Becoming the fourth starter this season after Tim Boyle’s waiver, Siemian’s debut in New York turned out to be a fortunate outing.

Despite the Jets being out of playoff contention and a recent disappointing loss to the Miami Dolphins, Siemian’s arrival brought a positive turn of events with a victory over the Washington Commanders. It not only injected happiness among team fans but also featured a notable incident involving Trevor’s accidentally striking a sideline cameraman.

Watch: Trevor Siemian drills cameraman in head with his pass

During the Jets’ Christmas game, a routine pass attempt by Trevor Siemian took an unexpected trajectory, sailing over tight end Tyler Conklin and striking a press photographer square on the head. The incident occurred as the Jets sought to build on their 17-0 lead in the second quarter, ultimately settling for a field goal to make it 20-0.

Caught on video, the overthrown pass found an unintended target, the orange beanie of a cameraman diligently capturing the game’s moments up close. Despite the painful-looking impact, the photographer, after falling backward and shielding his face, appeared surprisingly unfazed.

Working on the sidelines, especially in roles involving close-up photography, comes with inherent risks, and this incident underscored the occupational hazards faced by those capturing the action. 

While the photographer might count himself fortunate for not sustaining more serious injuries, it will remain a memento of the potential dangers faced by non-football personnel on the sidelines. 

In recent days, the NFL witnessed a more severe incident when Nick Piazza, a member of the chain crew, underwent surgery after a collision with the New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamar, who attracted attention for taking on the responsibilities for his off-field saga.

Trevor Siemian’s honest thoughts on the Jets’ win vs Commanders

With a roller coaster of emotions at MetLife Stadium, the Jets experienced the full spectrum of highs and lows as they squandered a substantial halftime lead, only to clinch a nail-biting victory in the closing minutes. Trevor Siemian, at the heart of this dramatic affair, described the game as nothing short of a thrilling and fun experience.

“It was freakin’ fun, man. It was fun, then it wasn’t fun, then it was fun again,” he said following the game.

For Siemian, the contest encapsulated the essence of unpredictability and excitement that defines football. Despite the heart-stopping turn of events that saw the Commanders rally from a 27-7 halftime deficit to take a 28-27 lead, Siemian found joy in the chaos.

The first half showcased a rejuvenated Jets offense, sealing five scoring drives with three resulting in touchdowns. However, the second half brought a stark reminder of the team’s offensive struggles, marked by punts, an interception, and a challenging finale where they secured the game-winning field goal.

“I’m just happy for our guys, happy to be a part of the team.”

Siemian acknowledged that he wasn’t flawless but did not hesitate to bask in the elation of a hard-fought win and a warm welcome to the Big Apple.

Do you think that the Jets already have secured a perfect backup for Rodgers in Trevor Seimiean?

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