Jey Uso begins war of words with Damian Priest after number one contenders match win on WWE RAW

At WWE WrestleMania 40 Night 2, Damian Priest silenced all the doubters surrounding his Money In The Bank contract by cashing it on Drew McIntyre. This historic move makes him the second person ever to cash in the contract at WrestleMania. Now, WWE has revealed that his first challenger as the heavyweight champion will be none other than Jey Uso. 

To determine who would get a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, April 8’s RAW main event featured a fatal four-way match featuring McIntyre, Ricochet, Jey Uso, and Bronson Reed. After a tremendous match, Jey Uso emerged victorious and took the #1 contender place. 

Despite facing stiff opposition, Jey has shown remarkable tenacity by coming out on top thanks to the helping hands of CM Punk. By pinning McIntyre, he earned the right to challenge Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Jey Uso expressed his excitement at being the top contender in an exclusive interview with Jackie Redmond on RAW. Priest, meanwhile, commended Uso on his accomplishments and talents, but he also delivered a stern warning. If they meet in the ring, Priest said he will “beat the YEET” out of Uso.

Yet, it was CM Punk whose assistance proved invaluable for Jey Uso’s victory. Following this, the ex-Bloodline member conveyed his profound appreciation to CM Punk for his backing.

Jey Uso had a message for CM Punk after his RAW win

One of the many highlights of Jey Uso’s spectacular weekend included his victory against his brother Jimmy Uso on the first night of WrestleMania 40. The due met again the next night when he speared Jimmy in the main event and left an indelible mark. Even on the latest RAW episode, Main Event Jey Uso continued his winning streak, thanks to a significant assist from CM Punk.

Drew McIntyre was close to winning, but CM Punk grabbed his leg at the last second. Because of this interference, Jey Uso was able to finish out McIntyre with a spear, a Uso splash, and a superkick. After RAW, Jey thanked Punk for his quick assistance in an exclusive interview.

Jey Uso
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The 38-year-old wrestler noted during the exclusive interview, “We was watching hockey together, Uce. He was like, ‘Hold up, man. My boy Jey out there got a lower hand.’ Drew McIntyre. I’m gonna tie his shoes for him. What did he do? CM Punk. Gave me the assist. Passed it off to me, grabbed it, slam dunk, boomed on Drew.”

However, it is highly unlikely that CM Punk will come to the aid of Jey during his title match against Damian Priest. Will Jey Uso finally win the big one? Share your opinion in the comment section. 

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