Jey Uso makes himself crystal clear over CM Punk’s WWE return while teasing possible feud

CM Punk’s return to WWE has been a major shock for the wrestling world and has changed the landscape of the industry. He made his return to WWE in the Survivor Series held at Chicago and his return has generated a lot of buzz and curiosity.

In a recent interview, Main Event Jey Uso shared his reactions to CM Punk’s return to WWE after a decade. While the plans and Punk’s potential opponent in WWE are not confirmed yet, Uso dropped a hint regarding a possible opponent for Punk.

Jey Uso welcomes CM Punk back

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, Jey Uso battled against Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at the main event. Rollins retained the title after Drew Mcintyre made an interference in the match attacking Jey Uso. Following the RAW episode, Jey Uso appeared on “The Bump” talk show. He

Jey shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE. He said, “Like, why wouldn’t we sign CM Punk? I know he got a whole bunch of haters or whatever. If we’re going to be honest, he’s a superstar, first and foremost. People talk about him, and if it got anything to do with wrestling, his name’s in it.”

Uso also welcomed Punk back to WWE and teased Punk’s next opponent by saying, “He’s like on some ‘Tribal Chief’ status. He’s top guy, regardless of whatever is going on. So my invitation is open. Bring him, let’s go, let’s run. I’ll be the first one to run with him. It’s all good, it’s all love. Let’s go, let’s do it. Welcome back CM Punk.”

CM Punk’s return to WWE could pose a threat to Reigns and the Bloodline, as he could challenge Reigns for his title. Uso ended his feud with Rollins last week and he is ready to face CM Punk if he accepts.

CM Punk’s first feud after return is yet to be confirmed

CM Punk is one of the most popular and controversial wrestlers of all time. He shocked the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series 2023, after leaving the company in 2014 and having a brief stint in AEW. Now that he is back, many fans are wondering what his next plan and opponent will be in WWE.

The rumored possible opponent for Punk is Seth Rollins, who holds a personal grudge against him. In 2013, Rollins, as a member of The Shield, attacked Punk on behalf of Triple H. Furthermore, in 2014, Rollins betrayed his fellow Shield members, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, to join The Authority.

CM Punk in WWE
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Punk has labeled Rollins a sellout and a coward, mocking his nickname, “The Architect.” In response, Rollins has referred to Punk as a quitter and a hypocrite, issuing challenges for a match on multiple occasions.

After Punk’s return at Survivor Series, Rollins was observed screaming at and gesturing toward Punk from the ring, indicating his eagerness to face Punk and prove himself as the best in the world. If this match happen at Wrestlemania 40, it will be exciting for the fans.


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