Joe Fournier claims Jake Paul will stop KSI in boxing match after being elbowed in the face

KSI and Joe Fournier once faced off in the boxing ring, resulting in a bout that ended in a ‘no contest’ decision. Since then, Joe has openly expressed regrets about fighting against JJ. Now, Fournier is making bold claims about his former opponent’s anticipated bout.

Fans eagerly await the official announcement of the KSI vs. Jake Paul bout, with experts offering their insights in anticipation. Joe Fournier has also weighed in on the anticipated bout, adding his perspective to the discussion.

Joe Fournier explains why Jake Paul will win vs. KSI in boxing

Joe Fournier has confidently stated that Jake Paul will emerge victorious in the anticipated bout against KSI. In a recent interview, when asked about his former opponent taking on the rising influencer turned boxer Jake Paul, Fournier didn’t hesitate to favor the 27-year-old over the British rapper.

Joe explained how Jake Paul trains for his every fight. He compared the training camp of Jake with the Canelo Alvarez camp and drew similarities between his and KSI’s training camps. He mentioned how the proper team works with Jake Paul, where strength and conditioning coaches and nutritionists are also involved. Fournier mentioned having multiple training partners and having a size advantage over his opponent.

The British businessman said, “He’s [KSI] fast, but Jake negates that pretty easily. He’s got much more experience, much better technically, and a much bigger frame, so whatever weight they play out, And I don’t think Jake’s interested anymore; Jake’s made millions doing whatever he’s doing, and I hope he continues.”

Joe also talked about Jake’s ability to secure the victory mentioning that after two to three rounds, KSI’s intensity starts fading. On the other hand, Jake Paul has more endurance than his anticipated opponent. He also referenced the Anderson Silva fight, where for the first three rounds Jake was under pressure but later turned out to be the winner against the former UFC champion.

KSI-Joe Fournier controversial elbow knockout explained

On May 13th, Joe Fournier and KSI engaged in a six-round boxing match. Initially, KSI was declared the winner via knockout in the second round.

However, Fournier protested, citing an illegal blow to his head area, which was later determined to be an accidental elbow strike. As a result, the decision was overturned to a no contest.

According to MMA fighting, KSI is not looking interested in the rematch as he believes he has done well enough to get the result of the fight. He appeared disheartened by the decision being overturned to a no-contest, particularly upon learning it was due to an accidental elbow strike. JJ asserted that he put in significant effort to achieve the knockout result and expressed frustration at being accused of cheating by some.

What are your thoughts on Joe Fournier’s verdict of Jake Paul winning the fight against KSI?

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