Joe Hortiz exposed after Keenan Allen’s agent refuted Chargers GM’s ‘multiple’ contract extension offer claim

The Los Angeles Chargers have undergone significant changes in their roster, signing seven new free agents while bidding farewell to two-star receivers. Mike Williams found a new home with the New York Jets after being released, while Keenan Allen was traded to the Chicago Bears in exchange for a fourth-round pick.

Despite hopes of retiring with the Chargers, Allen now joins DJ Moore in Chicago. Chargers general manager Joe Hortiz commented on Allen’s trade initially, but scrutiny arose when the player’s agent shed light on the situation shortly afterward.

Joe Hortiz talks on Keenan Allen trade

Joe Hortiz admitted parting ways with players like Keenan Allen wasn’t easy but was necessitated by financial constraints. However, he also highlighted the opportunities such moves create for other players to step up and fill the void.

“Yeah, I knew who I was trading. He’s a very talented player and I respect him as a player, as a person. It’s difficult when you have to cut a player, trade a player, release a player. It’s always difficult for a player like him certainly, but it creates an opportunity for other players to step up,” Hortiz said.

The veteran said despite exploring various options, including contract extensions, the Chargers couldn’t find a suitable resolution with Allen and his representatives. This led to the decision to trade him, along with other necessary adjustments to manage the team’s cap situation.

“I think when you’re talking about trading Keenan specifically, yeah that’s not a decision you make with no acknowledgment of, ‘This is a talented player that can still compete.'”

Hortiz explained that the team had to address significant contracts for aging veterans like Allen, Mike Williams, Joey Bosa, and Khalil Mack.

“We had four great players with great contracts in terms of great volume, great money..We had to address that and we approached it in the sense of we respect all four players…But the reality of it is, given the cap and the situation that we’re in, the likelihood of all four players coming back and us being able to build depth and a complete team, that wasn’t a realistic end result.”

The GM also mentioned the importance of avoiding short-sighted financial decisions that could compromise depth and flexibility in the future. Instead, the focus of the team remains on strategic roster management to ensure a balanced team capable of sustained success.

Keenan Allen’s agents shares truth

Following comments from Joe Hortiz regarding the business rationale behind potentially trading Keenan Allen, the player’s agent took to social media to clarify the sequence of events.

He revealed that only one offer was made, which involved a pay cut for the upcoming season along with a two-year contract extension, both with further reductions to Allen’s salary. His agent also noted they made a counteroffer but it was rejected. They were then informed of the Chargers intention to trade the wide receiver.

The situation emerged after Allen’s fantastic season last year. He recorded a career-high 108 catches for 1,243 yards along with seven touchdowns in just 13 games. But the Chargers’ new management prioritized financial restructuring over retaining their star player.

However, Allen remained resolute in his stance by emphasizing that his refusal was not an emotional decision but rather a logical one based on his outstanding performance and worth to the team.

The explosive receiver will no longer be able to help quarterback Justin Herbert on the offensive side. The Chargers now find themselves in a transition phase, relying on younger talent such as Quentin Johnston, Derius Davis, Simi Fehoko, and Josh Palmer to work closely with Herbert.


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